Sunday, 13 November 2011


Yesterday, it was the Northern Euro's. Not the huge names of the European continent but Gymnastics didn't disappoint. The Swedish team won the team event. Their team was made up of Ida Rothe, Ida Gustaffson, Kim Singmuang, Jonna Adlerteg and Lovista Estberg. 4.5 points below, was the WELSH TEAM. Made from Lizzie Beddoe, Jessica Hogg, Georgie Hockenhull, Hollie Moore and Kiera Brennan. No Angel or Venus? Raer? Iceland was the third place finishing team. Dominiqua Belanyi, Thelma Hermansdottir, Agnes Suto, Hildur Olafssdottir and Freyja Josephsdottir. 

In the all-around event, Sweden wouldn't give away their top spot status away. They went one and two with Gustaffson and Singmuang. Kim had the highest vault score (13.4). Ida had the highest bar score (13.25). Kiera Brennan went away with the highest beam (12.85) and the highest floor scorer was a tie against the two Swedes. 

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