Monday, 14 November 2011


2010 World All-around champion Aliya Mustafiyna was scheduled to compete at the weekend's 'DTB Cup' in Stuttgart, Germany but had to pull out but her team still managed to go on and win the gold medal. Musty was on the roster for a competition in December in Mexico. The facebook page for the event has the line up but Mustafina doesn't appear. Instead, 2011 Floor World Champion Kseniia Afanaseva will take her place.

Here is the full line up;


  1. Kseniia Afanseva
  2. Lauren Mitchell
  3. Ana Porgras
  4. Tan Sixin
  5. Mai Yamagishi
  6. Yessenia Estrada
  7. Lexa Moreno

  1. Sergey Khorkokhorodin
  2. Daniel Purvis
  3. Rafael Martinez
  4. Marius Berbecar
  5. Liao Qiuhua
  6. Masahiro Yoshida
  7. Jorge Hugo Geraldo
  8. Danell Leyva
  9. Daniel Corral
  10. Santiago Lopez

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