Wednesday, 23 May 2012


sorry to say but we change the name of the tumblr blog to ''olym-pics'', because (not mentioning names) decided there gym blog wasn't enough so they had to tramble on someone elses patch. Unfortunately, this had a led to a big row on twitter. I doubt I'll be tumbling very often now considering what happened. In the bloggers words ''you copied my work/template'', yes, I copied the template but if you don't get it all the gym memes included in my site and your site are the official meme characters (Y U NO, wonka etc.)

Also, another well-known blogger (aka. her cover) posted this picture on the internet.


BULLSHIT. I’ve changed the blog to ”Olym-Pics” so everyone can be happy (gym memes) and if you have shit to say, come say it to my face.

Why would you post a picture showing that you’re a copycat on your tumblr… That’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. (Photo by Spanny by the way.) 

BIG SPACE? 2 fucks given? Anyway, I tried hard on this site to make funny memes but obviously this blogger didn't get the picture. I know one of my memes was a little offensive and I am going to delete it but really? doodles on pictures? we're 5 again?

So, there you have it. The scoop on the heated debate, bitchy labels and the new blog.

Thank You:$

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