Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I'm sorry to anyone who experienced the row on twitter today between me and Get A Grip Gym Blog, I just overreacted and got very bitchy. I know it brought a lot of attention and I'm sorry we had to argue but we have made up now.

I need to say sorry to Bekah, Spanny and some others for being horrible (and clogging up your news feed), despite it being a heated debate, Bekah won and I did this to make up;

But, sorry for those who had to sit through it, hehe, and I just overreacted... ALOT!

At it, I have decided to hang up my meme making on tumblr but I might post some of my own inventions via. twitter, so 'GYM PICS/OLYM-PICS' didn't even last a week, haha!

thanks again, but follow Bekah's ''gym memes'' blog on tumblr;

Also, Aoibhe (Flippin' Olympics) posted an article about today on her blog.

Thanks & Sorry.


  1. It doesn't look (to me) like you were in the wrong! You certaintly were'nt the blogger using rude language. It's a shame there has to be cattiness when we're all just blogging about a sport we love!

  2. I guess but she is alright! It's quite hurtful though. Nothing about yourself comes into the equation when your blogging about GYMNASTICS. No one deserves to be called fat or failed gymnast. Gymnastics is the sport we love and no matter what we or anyone else is, it's going to be the one thing that we enjoy the most.