Sunday, 20 May 2012


Following today's competition, we write to you about today's British Team Championships, the 1st big Olympic Qualifier in the British calender. We had an absence from 2 Liverpool Girls, Hannah Whelan and Beth Tweddle but the competition didn't disappoint. Not everyone competing today was vying for Olympic Qualification Berth, as we saw many Juniors take to the stage. Biggest highlight? Possibly, 2008 Olympian and University of Florida's Marissa King came back from her NCAA Collegiate Stage to try and qualify herself to London 2012. She had a 14.6 on Vault, 13.15 on Floor but her scores weren't added as she was a trialist. Can King maintain the steady progress? 

In the Team Event, Liverpool swooped to victory by a clear 1.20 margin over second placed The Academy, which was a big surprise. Taking the rear of the podium was Notts.

  1. Liverpool
  2. The Academy
  3. Notts
  4. Heathrow A
  5. Horsham
  6. Park Wreckin A
  7. South Durham
  8. Dynamo
  9. Europa
  10. Heathrow B
  11. Pipers Vale
  12. Tolworth
  13. Park Wrekin B
  14. Wetherby
The Podium for the all-around was a clear mix between 3 teams. 1st place went to Rebecca Tunney of City of Liverpool with 56.550. Heathrow's Danusia Francis found herself in silver medal position and Ruby Harrold of The Academy was in bronze.

The All-Around Top 12;

  1. Rebecca Tunney
  2. Danusia Francis
  3. Ruby Harrold
  4. Ellie Downie
  5. Imogen Cairns
  6. Georgina Hockenhull
  7. Jennifer Pinches
  8. Abi Caig
  9. Nicole Hibbert
  10. Jocelyn Hunt
  11. Laura Mitchell
  12. Amy Tinkler
Moving to the Event Finals, Again, Mixed Teams on Gold.


  1. Ruby Harrold
  2. Rebecca Tunney
  3. Nicole Hibbert
  4. Niamh Rippin
  5. Imogen Cairns
  6. Danusia Francis
  7. Ellie Downie
  8. Becky Downie

  1. Rebecca Tunney
  2. Becky Downie
  3. Ruby Harrold
  4. Danusia Francis
  5. Ellie Downie
  6. Jocelyn Hunt
  7. Georgina Hockenhull
  8. Laura Mitchell

  1. Becky Downie
  2. Danusia Francis
  3. Niamh Rippin
  4. Georgina Hockenhull
  5. Abi Caig
  6. Rebecca Tunney
  7. Ruby Harrold
  8. Jocelyn Hunt
  1. Danusia Francis
  2. Rebecca Tunney
  3. Jennifer Pinches
  4. Imogen Cairns
  5. Ellie Downie
  6. Niamh Rippin
  7. Imogen Chan
  8. Amy Tinkler
so, there you go. For video links from BGTV, follow and look on our twitter feed; @TWGgymblog

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