Friday, 21 June 2013

Anadia World Cup: Qualifiers and Discussion

The qualification round took place today for the Anadia World Cup competition in the city in Portugal. Some nice surprises crept up into the rankings but there was a big amount of falls today. 

Opening up on the vault competition, Oksana Chusovitina took the top score of 14.250. Brazilian Olympian Jade Barbosa followed up, placing 2nd and Makarena Pinto from Chile managed a third place finish.

  1. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)
  2. Jade Barbosa (BRA)
  3. Makarena Pinto (CHI)
  4. Adrian Gomes (BRA)
  5. Aliya Sosnitskaya (BLR)
  6. Kim Bui (GER)
  7. Briannah Tsang (CAN)
  8. Janine Berger (GER)
Martina Castro (CHI)
Annika Urvikko (FIN)

On the Uneven Bars, Jessica Lopez from Venezuela scored a big 14.575, with a 6.1 start value. Closely followed by Lisa Katharine Hill and Kim Bui, both representing Germany.

  1. Jessica Lopez (VEN)
  2. Lisa Hill (GER)
  3. Kim Bui (GER)
  4. Shang Chunsong (CHN)
  5. Noemi Makra (HUN)
  6. Laura Waem (BEL)
  7. Anastasia Grishina (RUS)
  8. Anna Rodionova (RUS)
Hannah Whelan (GBR)
Ana Martines (POR)

Following her performance on bars, Shang Chunsong managed to top the field on beam with a huge score of 15.000. Romania's Larisa Iordache was just pipped to the post for first place and Brazilian Jade Barbosa made third.

  1. Shang Chunsong (CHN)
  2. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  3. Jade Barbosa (BRA)
  4. Julie Croket (BEL)
  5. Tam Jing (SIN)
  6. Diana Bulimar (ROU)
  7. Ekaterina Baturina (RUS)
  8. Kim Bui (GER)
Noemi Makra (HUN)
Stefanie Merkle (CAN)

Romanian favorite Diana Bulimar topped the leader board on the floor. The recently injured Julie Croket showed that she's a force to be reckoned with, placing second and Chinese beauty Shang Chunsong brought up the rear, placing third.

  1. Diana Bulimar (ROU)
  2. Julie Croket (BEL)
  3. Shang Chunsong (CHN)
  4. Jade Barbosa (BRA)
  5. Briannah Tsang (CAN)
  6. Stefanie Merkle (CAN)
  7. Kim Bui (GER)
  8. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
Anastasia Grishina (RUS)
Ilara Kaslin (SUI)


Britain Below Average
British gymnasts Rebecca Tunney and Hannah Whelan were really not par today. Although this was Tunney's first meet of the year and they've both had on and off injuries, this performance was not amazing. Hopefully, they'll be back to good competition before Worlds.

Chunsong Shocks
It was a pleasant surprise too see Chinese bright spark Shang Chunsong deliver amazing routines today. I hadn't really heard of her before but I can tell that she'll be a hot shot for Antwerp. 

The New Singapore?
Singapore showed off a new set of gymnasts and they have really done well in these World Cup events. The most notable of them was Jing Ying Tam, who qualified to the beam final and scored 13.875. Olympian Heem Wei Leem also competed well, so did Qiyan Zeng and Charmaine Yeo.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Discussing Anadia (and the ROU v FRA Junior Match)

Recently, the line-up for the Anadia World Cup was released and gym fans everywhere have been buzzing. Whether it be the return of Tunney or the new-ish Russian up-comers who are 'trialing' at this competition, there's a favorite for everyone. 

Tunney and Whelan
This is my favorite pairing, they're so cute. They go together like bread and butter. So, as you may know, Tunney was out all of the start of this year and sat out for Europeans (so did Hannah) due to a tiresome injury. When I was in Liverpool for the British, I was very sad of Rebecca's absence and Hannah really wasn't all there. So, I'm so excited for what they can do in Portugal. They both will be competing bars, beam and floor.

Grishina and the Gang
The beautiful senior Anastasia Grishina will be making her way to Portugal with the rest of her 3 Russian teammates. Grishkins will be competing on Bars, Beam and Floor. The rest of the team include first years Ekaterina Baturina (BB, FX) and Alla Sosnitskaya (UB.) Russia are also sending 2010 Pacific Rim participant Anna Rodinova on Vault and Bars. Looks like it will be a big battle for a bars final place. 

Didi and Lari
Once again, the Romanian cuties take Europe for another competition. Both girls are up for all four events which is fabalab. Hopefully, the successes from Moscow can convert to Portugal.

Berger's Back
Prior to the Europeans, at the Paris World Cup, Berger was injured on vault and had to withdraw, a shame as her Rudi is always a crowd delight. Since then, she competed at the German National Championships, just a few weeks ago but only on Bars, scoring 13.350 and placing last in the standings. Hopefully, she'll be fully ready for Anadia, where she'll only compete vault.
Her German compatriots are Kim Bui (AA) and Lisa Katharina Hill (UB, BB, FX). 

Hungarian Hunnies
the beam Babes, Noemi Makra and Dorina Boczogo are back for more action. Makra is coming off a recently silver medal from another competition. Watch out for them both on Beam but they'll compete all-fours.

Canadian Up-Comers
After the Canadian Championships last week, we've got three maybe unknown gymnasts coming from Canada. The most famous is probably Victoria Kayen Woo, Pacific Rim 2012 participant, she's on Vault Bars and Beam. Stefanie Merkle, who took home 2 medals from the Canadian Championships, competing on Beam and Floor. The final competitor is Briannah Tsang from Flicka, another gymnast who did well in Ottawa, competing everything except floor. 

China's Beauties
Shang Chunsong and Zeng Siqi are representing the graceful nation of China. Siqi gained International credentials when she went to Doha, earning two medals. Chunsong competed at the Tokyo World Cup, placing 4th in the all-around. Chunsong is down for Bars, Beam and Floor but Siqi is doing them except Bars.

full start list here


Next weekend, Romania and France go head to head in a Junior match, held in France. This will be a chance to showcase some of the glorious talents amongst these ever growing gymnastics nations. 

On the French team is 2012 European Championships participant Louise Vanhille (14), 20th Place in the Europeans 2012 All-Around Clara Chambellant (15), French Championships Bronze Medalist Grace Charpy (14), Multiple French Championships medalist Claire Martin (15), Silver medalist at the French Championships on Bars Laura Longueville (15), French team member Emmeline Magniant (15) and 9th Place at the French Championships Kim Teulade (15).

Competing for Romania is 2x European Bronze medalist Andreea Munteanu (15), Gymnix 2013 competitor Andreea Iridon (14), 7th place at the Lugano Trophy Laura Jurca (14), 14th at the 2010 TopGym competition Madalina Blendea (14), 2x European Medalist Silvia Zarzu (15) and Diana Teodoru (15).

This weekend is also the Small States Games, an annual festival were Sports come together and compete. Luxembourg are hosting.

Friday, 17 May 2013


This is the follow-up edition to the segment where I introduce some of the best Level 10's/Elites that will be going to college this year. 

Jessica Howe - California, Berkeley
Jessica is an ex-Elite gymnast from WOGA in Texas. She won the 2010 JO National Championships and came 12th in the 2011 U.S National Championships. Look out for Jessica on beam but she's won the JO title on Floor before. 

Hallie Mossett - UCLA 
Hallie doesn't need an introduction. From 2011 to 2012, she was a National Team member. However, she's competed in a wide variety of Level 10 competitions. Since 2007, she's competed in the US Nationals every single year until 2011. She'll join her brother, Mack, who is a current student at UCLA.

Ashlyn Broussard - Georgia
Another gymnast from WOGA making their tracks into college, Ashlyn is a Level 10 gymnast. This year at the JO Nationals, she placed 17th in the all-around. She's placed as high as 8th in that competition. 

Mikaela Gerber - UCLA
Mikaela is an Elite gymnast, descending from Canada. In 2011, she competed at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo. Later in the year, she won two silver medals at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara. She was in the final Olympic trial but didn't make the cut for the Olympic team. 

Ashleigh Gnat - LSU
Gnat follows the footsteps of her dad by going to LSU. She's been to the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup and many other Level 10 competitions. 

Claire Boyce - Florida
Elite gymnast, from Texas Dreams, Claire Boyce is travelling down to Gainesville to try her hand at Collegiate gymnastics. In 2011, she placed 2nd in the WOGA Qualifier. The year before, she made the U.S Nationals, placing 25th.

Silvia Colussi - Florida
The first Spanish gymnast to compete in the states. The International elite gymnast has competed in Gymnix, World Cups, European Championships and the Olympic test event. Hopefully, her light touch on beam will help the gators. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Great Britain have become stronger and stronger in the last quad but now, are we seeing European and World medal challengers?

Last year, the Great British junior team placed 4th in the Team final at the European Championships, however, no girls being mentioned today were part of the team but it still shows the evolution of the team. The youth of last year are now flying the flag in the Senior division, like Ruby Harrold, Gabrielle Jupp and Charlie Fellows. Now, turn your attention to the Junior girls.

Tyesha Mattis
Arguably, Tyesha is the best junior gymnast in Britain, currently. Just a few months ago, she was crowned British National Champion but she's also competed on the International stage in Australia and other various competitions. She can pull off a DTY and has a difficult floor routine, including a full in back out and a triple twist. Look out for her in the near future, as she'll be a senior in 2015.

Amy Tinkler
From the popular, Pink Ladies gym in South Durham, Tinkler trains 25 hours a week under the eye of head coach Nicola Preston. She's placed well in British Championships. Her international resume is still pretty big, being crowned AYOF floor champion and bronze medalist at the Olympic Hopes competition last year.

Teal Grindle
From the same gym as Gabrielle Jupp, Teal has made her mark on the National scene. She's helped Great Britain to results in Australia and Czech Republic. Interestingly, she's one of few Espoir girls that perform a FTY. Her beam stands out with beautiful skills and a tricky double pike dismount. 

Catherine Lyons
AYOF competitor, Catherine Lyons is known for her graceful and flexible choreography on floor and beam and they're her best events. She'll just be eligible for the Rio 2016 games, being 16.

Georgia-Mae Fenton
From the same club as Catherine, Georgia-Mae is nationally ranked for consistency and grace. She's reigning Espoir Champion. Look out for her on bars and beam. 

Other Mentions

Ellis O'Reilly (Europa, Senior in 2014)
Jade Stedford (CMIG, Senior in 2015)
Chantelle Halford (East London, Senior in 2014)
Imogen Chan (The Academy, Senior in 2014)
Polina Polyakova (Norfolk Academy, Senior in 2014 but may compete for Russia)
Louise McColgan (Largs, Senior in 2017)
Maisie Methuen (Phoenix, Senior in 2017)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The 2013 season has come to an end, we now welcome the Class of 2014 to their new lives in the Collegiate rankings. 

In this first edition, we introduce a few of the more well-known Level 10 & Elite gymnasts who will be freshman's from this fall.

Amanda Jetter - Alabama
Cincinnati's Amanda Jetter will be joining the Crimson Tide later this year. If you don't know Amanda, she's a four time National Team member, coached by the infamous Mary Lee Tracy. Arguably, floor is her best event, as she says herself but she's most likely to be an all-arounder. Hopefully, Jetter can keep the 'Cincinnati College' trend alive after teammate Ashley Priess comes from the same gym. 

Talia Chiarelli - Michigan
Known for her funky tweets, Chiarelli moves onto a different stage in her gymnastics career, competing for Michigan. The Canadian National Team member is an internationally decorated gymnast, in competitions like Tokyo World Cup and the Olympic Test Event. Michigan will lose their valuable veteran Katie Zurales to graduation but Talia may be the new fresh talent. 

McKenzie Wofford - Oklahoma
One of the five new Sooners starting this year is McKenzie Wofford from Zenith Elite. The 3x National Team member and 2011 Pan American Games alternate transfers her high level elite skills to collegiate level gymnastics. 

Mitzi Unda-Sosa - Yale
Although, Yale isn't renowned for it's Gymnastics but Mitzi deserves a mention. If you haven't heard of Mitzi, she's an ex-Mexican National Team member for 3 years. She currently trains at WOGA in Texas. Although, she's an Elite level gymnast, she competes in many Level 10 competitions. But, in elite competition, Mitzi has 2 medals from the 2011 Brazilian International competition. She's also been to the 2010 Pacific Rim and World Championships for Mexico. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013


In May, we see some of the best gymnasts old and new in a gala type competition, showcasing raw International talent. The competition is at LeHigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Noel Couch (Georgia)
Alina Weinstein (Illinois-Champaign)
Ashanee Dickerson (Florida)
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA)
Alyssa Pritchett (UCLA)
Chellsie Memmel (M&M)
Jana Bieger (Bieger's)
Kat Ding (Georgia)
Shayla Worley (Georgia)

PGC - International
Catalina Ponor (Romania)
Marissa King (Great Britain)
Anna Pavlova (Russia)
Oksana Chusovitina (Germany)
Jade Barbosa (Brazil)
Jessica Lopez (Venezuela)
Lisa Mason (Great Britain)
Laura-Ann Chong (Canada)
Nathalia Sanchez (Colombia)

Jana Bieger (Bieger's)
Casey Jo Magee (Arkansas)
Hollie Vise (Oklahoma)
Kylee Botterman (Michigan)
Brittnee Habbib (Nebraska)
Susan Jackson (LSU)
Jessica Gil Ortiz (Universal)
Samantha Engle (LSU)
Erin Davis (Nebraska)
Taylor Seaman (NC State)

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I need one big favor but it might help you in the long run! So, I've been super obsessed about creating floor music and I have created a new youtube account. 

So, if you're a youtube lover, please view and subscribe. If you subscribe to be, I'll return it. 

Go here


Friday, 5 April 2013


Tomorrow, we see the Regionals of the NCAA Collegiate Gymnastics League. We'll see the best of Division I battle it out for a place of just 2 berths to the 2013 NCAA Championships at the Pauley Pavilion, being hosted by the UCLA Bruins. 

Here is your ultimate guide on how to follow tomorrow's action;

Tuscaloosa Regional 

Who's hosting?
The University of Alabama

Who's competing?
Alabama, Utah, Denver, Kent State, Brigham Young and Iowa State. 

Alabama are currently ranked 3rd so look out for them. Utah have also done well this year. 

How can I follow it?
The video stream is here. It starts at 6:00pm CT, 11:00pm GMT.

Corvallis Regional

Who's hosting?
Oregon State University

Who's competing?
Georgia, Arkansas, Oregon State, Boise State, Arizona State, California

Georgia and Arkansas are probably the strongest teams.

How can I follow it?
A free webcast is here and there are also live stats here. It commences at 4:00pm PT, 12:00am GMT. 

Columbus Regional

Who's hosting?
Ohio State Buckeyes

Who's competing?
UCLA, Ohio State, LSU, Arizona, Central Michigan and NC State. 

UCLA are definitely a strong team. LSU have proved that they're contenders. 

How can I follow it?
You can watch live streams here. There's 4 streams, one for each apparatus so that means you can watch your team go round on all four pieces. If you're not going to watch, get the live results here. 4pm ET, 9pm GMT.

Gainesville Regional

Who's hosting?
University of Florida

Who's competing?
Florida, Auburn, Minnesota, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Bridgeport

Florida are ranked no. 1 so I can't see them placing outside of the top 2.

How can I follow it?
A free live stream is here, 6pm ET, 11pm GMT.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Today was the Qualification round at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar for the Doha Challenge World Cup. 

We saw strong routines from British, Chinese and Romanian gymnasts so let's get down to the action


  1. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
  2. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  3. Teja Belak (SLO)
  4. Ri Un Ha (PRK)
  5. Thi Ha Phan (VIE)
  6. Adrian Gomes (BRA)
  7. Jordyn Pedersen (CAN)
  8. Kristen Beckett (RSA)
Reserves: Valerija Grisane (LAT), Hong Un Jong (PRK)

  1. Jiaxin Tan (CHN)
  2. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  3. Gabrielle Jupp (GBR)
  4. Ruby Harrold (GBR)
  5. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
  6. Diana Bulimar (ROU)
  7. Siqi Zeng (CHN)
  8. Lisa Verschueren (BEL)
Reserves: Lisa Katherine Hill (GER), Julia Chaves Santos (BRA)

  1. Siqi Zeng (CHN)
  2. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  3. Gabrielle Jupp (GBR)
  4. Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI)
  5. Tracie Ang (MAS)
  6. Jessica Diacci (SUI)
  7. Teja Belak (SLO)
  8. Diana Bulimar (ROU)
Reserves: Qing Zhang (CHN), Jing Yan Joey (SIN)

  1. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  2. Diana Bulimar (ROU)
  3. Siqi Zeng (CHN)
  4. Gabrielle Jupp (GBR)
  5. Katherine Lisa Hill (GER)
  6. Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI)
  7. Kirsten Beckett (RSA)
  8. Qing Zhang (CHN)
Reserves: Ruby Harrold (GBR), Giulia Steingruber (SUI)

It'll be a great competition!


You can now sign up for the fantastic Europeans Fantasy Gymnastics League. Submit your draft before the 16th April and enjoy the fun of your team and following the competition.

Go here for rules, participants and how to sign up.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Over the course of last weekend, I was at the British Championships at the Liverpool Echo Arena for the event finals. It was an amazing competition, showcasing the best of British talent and I was fortunate to be their. 

Here is a guide to the rising faces of the British team and who could challenge for European and World Championships teams in the future. These are all Espoirs.

Catherine Lyons
This beautiful 12 (or 13?) year old from Europa Gymnastics dazzled us with consistent and classical routines. If her beam mount doesn't make you want to scream ''wow'' then check out her lovely floor routine. At the Espoir Championships earlier this month, she was second in the all-around, just missing out on the gold by her team mate Georgia Mae Fenton. Arguably, Catherine's best event in Floor and she won this event on Sunday. She managed a bronze on bars and 5th on Beam.

Watch Catherine on floor here

Georgia Mae Fenton
Catherine's team mate, Georgie, is another beautiful gymnast from Europa. A few weeks ago in Piper's Vale, she was the British All-Around Champion. She qualified for 3 finals at the British Championships. On Sunday, she picked up a bars gold medal with a lovely routine. She placed 5th on Floor and 6th on Beam. Both Georgie and Catherine are one's too look out for in future years. 

Watch Georgia's bars gold medal here

Louise McColgan 
Louise is a tiny gymnast from Larg's Gymnastics down in Scotland. Although, she's smaller than others, Louise packs a punch. In her 3 finals, she got two bronze medals on Beam & Floor but unfortunately, she had a mare on bars, finishing 8th. 

Watch Louise on beam here

Maisie Methuen 
This all-star gymnast from Phoenix Gymnastics had a great weekend in Liverpool, as she qualified to 3 event finals. On vault, she found herself winning the competition with 2 lovely handspring fronts. She also bagged a silver on beam and was just outside of the medals on floor in 4th. I'm loving her because of her cute, whacky floor choreography, you all need to check it out.

Watch Maisie on floor here

Lucy Stanhope
Home favorite, Lucy Stanhope, comes from City of Liverpool. She got a bronze on vault, she was 4th on beam and 8th on Floor. Despite the lower rankings, she deserves a mention after determined performances and clean execution.

Watch Lucy on beam here

Friday, 22 March 2013


As the NCAA league draws to a close, here is a packed guide to how you can get your fix on the action. I'm leaving for the British Champs tomorrow morning at 9:00pm GMT so this will probably my last post until then. 

All these meets are on the 23rd March 2013.

SEC Championships - Verizon Arena, Little Rock, AR

2:05pm - 3:30pm CT: Session 1 -  Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri
6:00pm - 7:45pm  CT: Session 2 - Florida, Alabama, Georgia, LSU
8:00pm CT: Awards Ceremony

Live Stats (No streaming has been announced but it will probably be aired on ESPN3)

Big 10 Championships - Jenison Field House, East Lansing, MI

1:05pm ET: Session 1 - Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, Illinois
6:05pm ET: Session 2 - Penn State, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska

Video (free, I think the link should come up soon)

Big 12 Championships - Hilton Coliseum, Ames, Iowa

2:00pm CT: Session 1 - Iowa State, West Virginia, Oklahoma

Stats - Video: Fox Sports Networks (tape delay)

MAC Championships - Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Declared Teams:
Ball State, Bowling Green, C. Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Kent St., N. Illinois, W. Michigan

Pac-12 Championships - Corvallis, OR

1:30pm PT: Session 1 - Washington, California, Arizona State, Arizona
7:00pm PT: Session 2 - UCLA, Stanford, Oregon State, Utah

Video: Pac-12 Networks

WAC Championships - Centrum Arena, Southern Utah University, UT

6:00pm MT: Session 1 - S. Utah, Denver, Sacramento State, San Jose State, Boise State, Utah State

Live Stats & Video


Part of this weekend's busy meet schedule, the Cottbus meet is one of the highlights. Showcasing talent across many countries. It was a tight battle today but these are the gymnasts who came out on top;

Floor Qualifiers

  1. Anna Dementieva (RUS) - 14.0
  2. Silvia Colussi-Pelaez (ESP) - 13.45
  3. Maegan Chant (CAN) - 13.45
  4. Noel Van Klaveren (NED) - 13.15
  5. Ana Filipa Martins (POR) - 12.6
  6. Jessica Lopez (VEN) - 12.6
  7. Jasmin Mader (AUT) - 12.6
  8. Cagla Akyol (GER) - 12.5
Beam Qualifiers
  1. Anastasia Grishina (RUS) - 14.05
  2. Noel Van Klaveren (NED) - 13.85
  3. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) - 13.8
  4. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) - 13.65
  5. Anna Dementieva (RUS) - 13.65
  6. Maria Paula Vargas (ESP) - 13.6
  7. Ana Filipa Martins (POR) - 13.3
  8. Dilnoza Abdulsalimova (UZB) - 13.05
Roll on finals!


Ok guys, I'm super pumped! I'm leaving for the British Champs tomorrow, in time for Sunday's Event Finals. But earlier on, the Junior girls showed their poise the qualification round, finishing around 2 hours ago (I was at school, sorry!). East London's Tyesha Mattis was the all-around champion. Not only that, she qualified for every single final. 1.250 points below her was Amy Tinkler, followed by Elissa Downie of Notts.

All Around (Top 12):

  1. Tyesha Mattis (E. London)
  2. Amy Tinkler (S. Durham)
  3. Elissa Downie (Notts)
  4. Chantelle Halford (E. London)
  5. Jade Armstrong (S. Durham)
  6. Ellis O'Reilly (Europa)
  7. April Maslen (The Academy)
  8. Aasha Kimpton (Heathrow)
  9. Georgina Harris (Manchester Inst.)
  10. Stefanie Bowles (Manchester Inst.)
  11. Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin)
  12. Eshe Bernard (Park Wrekin)
Vault Qualifiers
  1. Tyesha Mattis (E. London)
  2. Elissa Downie (Notts)
  3. Amy Tinkler (S. Durham)
  4. Ellis O'Reilly (Europa)
  5. April Maslen (The Academy)
  6. Chantelle Halford (E. London)
  7. Jade Stedford (Manchester Inst.)
  8. Jade Armstrong (S. Durham) 
Bars Qualifiers
  1. Tyesha Mattis (E. London)
  2. Elissa Downie (Notts)
  3. Chantelle Halford (E. London)
  4. April Maslen (The Academy)
  5. Amy Tinkler (S. Durham)
  6. Stefanie Bowles (Manchester Inst.)
  7. Ellis O'Reilly (Europa)
  8. Aasha Kimpton (Heathrow)
Beam Qualifiers
  1. Tyesha Mattis (E. London)
  2. Amy Tinkler (S. Durham)
  3. Jade Armstrong (S. Durham)
  4. Elissa Downie (Notts)
  5. Natasha Raymund Jayadev (Manchester Inst.)
  6. Millie Kennard (Tolworth)
  7. Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin)
  8. Eshe Bernard (Park Wrekin)
Floor Qualifiers
  1. Ellis O'Reilly (Europa)
  2. Tyesha Mattis (E. London)
  3. Jade Armstrong (S. Durham)
  4. Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin)
  5. Imogen Chan (The Academy)
  6. Amy Tinkler (S. Durham)
  7. Georgina Harris (Manchester Inst.)
  8. April Maslen (The Academy)

Thursday, 21 March 2013


We saw the first day of competition at the Cottbus Turnier de Meister. Vault and Bars were up for the top 8 to qualify to finals. Anastasia Grishina topped the bars with 14.9 and vault leader is Oksana Chusovitina, with a massive 14.85

Here are the competitors for tomorrow's Beam and Floor Qualification rounds. Gymnasts in bold are the one's too note.

Elisa Hammerle (AUT)
Lisa Ecker (AUT)
Maegan Chant (CAN)
Huang Huidan (CHN)
Jana Sikulova (CZE)
Kristyna Palesova (CZE, not confirmed)
Farida Ahmed (EGY)
Miriam Elhajj (EGY)
Maria Vargas (ESP)
Silvia Colussi (ESP)
Maija Leinnonen (FIN)
Paula Tiita (FIN)
Cagla Akyol (GER)
Pauline Schaeffer (GER)
Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)
Angel Wong (HKG)
Nim Yan Choi (HKG)
Emma Lunn (IRL)
India McPeak (IRL)
Ofir Nezer (ISL)
Shaked Malec (ISL)
Inna Vassilyeva (KAZ)
Valerija Grisane (LAT)
Tracie Ang (MAS)
Yueh Ing (MAS)
Noel Van Klaveren (NED)
Chantysha Netteb (NED)
Ana Martins (POR)
Ekaterina Kislinskaya (POR)
Paula Mejias (PUR)
Anastasia Grishina (RUS)
Anna Dementyeva (RUS)
Teja Belak (SLO)
Barbara Mokosova (SVK)
Ida Gustafsson (SWE)
Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)
Dilnoza Abdusilamova (UZB)
Ivet Rojas (VEN)
Jessica Lopez (VEN)

Elisa Hammerle (AUT)
Lisa Ecker (AUT)
Maegan Chant (CAN)
Makarena Pinto (CHI)
Jana Sikulova (CZE)
Mai Saad (EGY)
Nancy Taman (EGY)
Roxana Popa (ESP)
Silvia Colussi (ESP)
Maija Leinnonen (FIN)
Paula Tiitta (FIN)
Pauline Schaefer (GER)
Cagla Akyol (GER)
Emma Lunn (IRL)
Ofir Nezer (ISL)
Shaked Malec (ISL)
Anna Geidt (KAZ)
Inna Vassylieva (KAZ)
Valerya Grisane (LAT)
Tracie Ang (MAS)
Yueh Tan (MAS)
Noel Van Klaveren (NED)
Chantysha Netteb (NED)
Ana Martins (POR)
Ekaterina Kislinskaya (POR)
Paula Meijas (PUR)
Anna Dementiieva (RUS)
Ivana Kamnikar (SLO)
Nadia Muelhausser (SUI)
Sara Metzger (SUI)
Barbora Mokoskova (SVK)
Ida Gustaffson (SWE)
Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)
Dilnoza Abdusilamova (UZB)
Eliana Gonzalez Valles (VEN)
Jessica Lopez (VEN)

Brace yourself for a packed schedule. Czech Republic's Kristyna Palesova is set for floor but suffering a temperamental injury, she may not be on. Also, Kristina Goryunova of Russia isn't competing. I'm not sure whether Evgenia Shelgunova or Anastasia Grishina will take her place or they'll just leave it. TCG said that Shelgunova touched a little on floor so, she may be on tomorrow too. 

If you're wondering, Great Britain haven't sent anyone due to a clash with the British Championships, the meet I am attending on Sunday. The Jesolo meet is also on this weekend. Italy, USA and Japan didn't send any gymnasts due to the clash, however, Switzerland have two girls here (Metzger & Muelhausser) but they won't be there.