Sunday, 3 June 2012


About an hour ago, The World Gymnast launched our first Online Gymnastics Apparel Store. This is a first for many blogs so I am very excited. It's on spreadshirt, a site that creates the t-shirts, gifts etc. and has them in your home within 1-2 days. We've already designed 3 items and they are on sale now, waiting for you to get your hands on them. We will be selling Gymnastics Tees, Trousers, Totes etc., lots of cool goodies and clothes to show off in the gym and make your friends jealous;) We are taking in requests for clubs, for their apparel etc and also any meets (i.e TOPs) so we can give the gymnasts free merchandise. 

I'm planning on giving 1/2 the money on every purchase to a charity/trust but I'll figure that out closer to the time.

Enjoy the site, Gym Plex

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