Friday, 22 February 2013


Usually, floor brings us artistry and grace but these culprits are destroying the floor. These are my top 5 picks for the worst floor routines so if you don't agree, please don't get in a brawl with me. 

So let's get started;

5. Abby Stack (Georgia/USA) 2009
As far as college choreography goes, this is the worst

4. Rebecca Bross (USA) 2010
Well, this is the stereotypical choice and it is quite unfair that Brossy gets judged by this but I don't know, it's just so mechanical and she can't help it. It's cringey!

3. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 2008
This is really sad because (not being a bitch), I've probably seen more artistic MAG routines. I think that she would be much better suited in T&T because she rocks tumbling but it's sad.

2. Brenna Dowell (USA) 2012
I love Brenna but where is the choreography? Literally? 

1. Eun Kyung Park (KOR) 2008
To be fair, at least she had a go at choreography unlike Brenna but omg? It doesn't help with 7 passes!!!!

I'm sorry if I've offended. I'd love to hear your worst choreographed routines:)

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