Sunday, 6 May 2012


We start a new series for the Brussels 2012 highlighting someone of the contenders for apparatus finals from each country. We bring you the vault today. Over the past year, we have seen revolutionary change in vaulting. Many more people are investing in a second vault and the high difficulty values have been increased (an average vault start value for a vault final is usually 5.2-5.5. Let's take a look at the girls that could factor;

Russia are known mainly for their beauty on floor and beam but they also have a lot of power on vault and bars.

Aliya Mustafina

Aliya is back after last year's vault mishap at Europeans and ready for battle to win the vault crown.

Viktoria Komova

Viktoria has been training a second vault of yurchenko half on, tuck front off as demonstrated at the Voronin Cup. Whether she'll be able to make finals, I am not sure but she's definitely a contender if she can pull off her amanar. 

Tatiana Nabieva

Nabs has been around for a very long time but I still think she could pull out the goods. Nabieva has experimented with an amanar before but she only got credited the double. If she doesn't final, I think that Grishina or Paseka could take this spot.


I've only picked 2 girls for this because they haven't been very strong in recent years for vaulting. Is Iordache a 2-vaulter? I haven't added her, please tell me;)

Sandra Izbasa

2011 Vault European Champion, Sandra Izbasa, has come back from injury scare early this year. Her vaulting has become very solid and she is a big contender. 

Diana Chelaru

Not a very strong vaulter but has the vaults to squeeze in.
Time will tell.

other gymnasts;

Dorina Boczogo

Always been a strong, powerful vaulter. Can she make it to finals? Maybe not but don't count her out for all-around finals.

Imogen Cairns

Imogen is coming back after a quiet year in 2011. Don't count her out as she is Commonwealth Champion and has finalled at European and World levels.

Youna Dufournet

We have seen Youna on vault many times. I think she could make it to the finals this year. She was injured in 2010 and missed out on Worlds, in 2011, she didn't make Euros but made bars finals at Worlds. Youna has had a busy and yo-yo past 2 years.

Oksana Chusovitina

When Germany keeps moving, Chusovitina is staying. The 34 year old veteran gymnast is still in the mix for the Europeans. 2008 Olympic Vault Silver Medalist, 2008/2011 European Vault Champion, she keeps moving strength to strength.

Giulia Steingruber

Giulia Steingruber is a very, very strong vaulter. In 2011, she made the European vault final but unluckily fell. Later in 2011, she made World Vault Finals and came 6th. Earlier this year in Osijek, she upgraded her second vault to a 1.5 tsuk, can she keep up the great work?



  1. Hold on a moment, Tanya isn't on the team for the Europeans, is she? Or did I miss something?

  2. Oh? I'm not sure? If not, I'm sure Grishina or Paseka could take her place:$

  3. I think you missed Wyomi Masela.
    Silver at the Olympic Test Event

  4. Yeah the Russian team is Mustafina, Komova (UB & BB only), Griahina, Sidorova & Paseka

    Also Imogen Cairns is injured so first year senior Ruby Harold has taken her place

  5. ^^Grishina (typo :P)

  6. Sorry everyone. Wyomi could definitely factor;)

  7. Great post!

    Chuso is a given. I'm not sure if any Russians will even do 2 vaults since Mustafina is recovering from injury and I'm sure the AA is more important to her than vault event medal. Wyomi's a great option and that would make the Dutch Olympic decision difficult if she medals. I hope she does! I hope Steingruber medals. She's been doing amazing things on vault and I hope she can build her reputation to help her come the Olympics. Guess my top 4 are Chuso, Masela, Izbasa, and Steingruber.

    Excited for Euros!

  8. I agree alot with you! at least you don't patronize every mistake I make:))