Wednesday, 9 May 2012


We take a look at some of the leotards that were worn during the Senior podium training yesterday. We saw a variation of different colors, patterns and materials. Let's take a look;

Team Belarus.

This is the Belorussian team. It's a nice, simple leotard for a CLUB! It doesn't scream international gymnastics or Belarus, more just like a county/state meet leotard. What do the colors represent in Belarus?

Kim Bui of Germany.

Kim show's off this very typical German style leotard. I mean the lighter tone of red makes it Pink but I like that and it goes really well with the yellow swirl but this is cut way, way to high! That's what let's it down.

Vasiliki Millousi of Greece.

As many tweeter's have said ''Mike Wazowzki'' leotard. It screams ''EURGH, GET ME A BUCKET!'' and ''WHY THE HELL IS THIS IN THE GREEK WARDROBE''. Straight off the top, the pink chest bit almost see-through but also it's just a random mix between the 2 colours. But, this mid air acrobatic shot of Millousi redeems the whole picture.

The Russians: Anastasia Grishina, Maria Paseka, Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova and Anastasia Sidorova.

I really didn't know what to say about this when I saw this picture. I'm surprised that Russia opted for a long-sleeved leotard as their usual choices go short. But, I think a new leotard concept to the Russian wardrobe is good. The shades of blue are really TOO PRETTY and It's not too high cut = YAY!!

Diana Bulimar of Romania.

Just when you thought the Romanian national colors were safe! I hate this one. It is just really weird with the random blue coming down the sides and the sleeves are GROSS. I hope they do opt for a national colored leotard for qualifications tomorrow, they represent themselves a lot better then.

Marine Brevet of France.

The usual you'd expect from France. National color city with a hint of pretty pattern. I am a fan of this one but it's pretty same-ish.

The Portugese and the Belgians.

We'll review both sides of the picture;


I am a big fan of this number. First shown off by the classy Ana Porgras, It has been very popular since. White, Blue and Black are actually quite a nice combo:)


I like how the whole competition is like ''think pink'' because the cards are pink, the arena is pink and hay, the leos are pink. The Diamontes are very beautiful, you'll make the team final leotard wise.

and now the junior's step up to the fashionista playing field;

Angel Romaeo of Great Britain.

Oh, I really don't like this one. The sleeves are really random and the gold just doesn't do it for me. However, I am a massive fan of the British flag backs (and Angel Romaeo)

Everyone is happy to be in Brussels!

This is the leotard that inspired white to come in with the Romanian leos. This is just a bit weird. Although, all the primary colors is a good start. Plus, good way to put the leotard manufacturer on...(the sleeve)

The Belgians line up.

Bored...but again, they have stuck to the pinky theme so congratulations Belgium.

Valentine Pickul of France.

This is a very nice leotard from France. Many of their wardrobe is a blue domination but who cares? The color and pattern is LUSH!

The inexplicable Belarussian leotard...

the ''OMFG, KILL ME NOW!'' leotard. When did Belarus hire a 3 year old to design their leotards? Basic, boring, DIE!

Thanks for reading and remember. Follow live action from the Senior Competition tomorrow via. twitter! @Double_Front @GymExaminer @theallaround for live tweets:)

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