Friday, 8 June 2012


I'm so sorry everyone, I've had a lot on my plate throughout the last week with continuous work, travelling etc. so I haven't been able to blog a lot, so I thought I'd catch up with the news from this past week.


USA Gymnastics has put up some videos of Junior & Senior podium training at St. Paul at the VISA Championships. Here are some of my picks.

Bridget Sloan

The 2008 Olympic Veteran has comeback for more Gymnastics action. I doubt she will make the team but she's really got her bars releases back, her floor & beam are also consistent but bars is really where she'll push. 

Alexandra Raisman looks strong.

The 2010/11 World Athlete looks very strong up on the podium on both days. Beam was good, not too many wobbles but no Double Arabian, hopefully that'll come today? Floor, the only video shown was dance through, still nice to see. Obviously, bars was never her strong point but managed to hit with no massive mistakes. Big jump on the DTY on vault. 

Gabrielle Douglas is looking amazing.

I think the rest of the field need to look for Gabby. Her vault was hit to perfection, Nice bars set, cracking beam and an okay floor. I wish Gabby would get a new routine, it's such a tiresome song. 

Jordyn Wieber....NEW BEAM?

I swear Jordyn has a new beam set. There looked like new skills? Hit though.


Australia Olympic Squad

Injury has killed a lot of girls off the Australian girls off but we still have 12 girls in the running for the all important 5 places. Georgia Simpson has withdrawn due to her dislocated ankle at the 2012 Pacific Rim. Also, Nikki Chung tore her ACL on vault in Sydney. Zoe Lorenzin also forced out due to a stress fracture. We wish these girls the best of luck on their recovery. To the girls that have been shortlisted, 5 of them were 2008 Beijing Olympic competitors. 

  1. Georgia Bonora
  2. Ashleigh Brennan
  3. Georgia-Rose Brown
  4. Angela Donald
  5. Emily Little
  6. Daria Joura
  7. Larissa Miller
  8. Lauren Mitchell
  9. Mary-Ann Monckton
  10. Chloe Sims
  11. Olivia Vivian
  12. Georgia Wheeler
In the men's side, Joshua Jefferis is Australia's sole male competitor. This surprises me as Prashanth Sellathurai has a big chance of medalling on Pommel's isn't up? But, I'm sure his talent can easily give him that one way ticket.


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  1. australia only qualified one gymnast, an AAer. Prashanth can't go because he fell at worlds on pommel last year so he didn't qualify individually so he wont be getting an individual ticket and has actually backed off training a bit this year to catch up on uni.