Sunday, 13 November 2011


Well! There was lot's of thrills and spills from the bits I saw of the TF at DTb Stuttgart! 

Russia won the event eventually, Yulia Inshina, Alyena Polan and Yulia Belo. The Australian camp were the second place winners. Lauren Mitchell did a great floor routine but she was most certainly flirting with the lines. Fortunately, the amount of times she did, she only landed on the line and she had already jumped out of the tumble! The Dutch were one girl down after the final rotation as Yvette Moshage had an awful landing and twisted her body to the ground. It look very painful! I also saw a stretcher on the sidelines. Yulia Belokobylskaya, from what I saw, was good. She had a nice bar set but It wasn't the hardest. Nikki Chung, unfortunately fell on her double pikes. On double somi falling subjects, I was upset to see Pia Tolle have a great routine then fall and only get 11.95.
She did have some lovely connections. 

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