Sunday, 13 November 2011


I'm so happy! I managed to find DTB Cup coverage on youtube. Thanks to GutsuFan, I'll show some of the routines. It's as amazing because Eli Seitz is in the commentary box!

Giulia Steingruber's vault scoring a whooping 15.2

Beautiful vault from Nadine Jarosch.

Bui's Handspring 1/2

Huang's 15.2 Bar Set

Bui's 14 bars set

Mitchell's Set

Huang Beam.

Nadine Jarosch

Marlies Rijken

Lauren Mitchell. Fell on her connection!

Yulia Inshina

Kim Bui.

Marlies Rijken

Nadine Jarosch

Em Little

Lauren Mitchell


Yulia Inshina

Huang Qiushuang(winner)


Credit to GutsuFan. See all the videos, on their channel!

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