Friday, 18 November 2011


Since, The World Gymnast moved to Blogger, we haven't done Gymnast of the week. I've decided that I must do it as we need to reward talent to International Gymnasts. A Gymnast could be Gymnast of the Week by winning a recent meet, coming back after injury or something else but it has to be recent.(1-2 weeks.)

I've decided to give the first 'GYMNAST OF THE WEEK' to THI HA PHAN OF VIETNAM!

As we all know, Vietnam isn't a huge nation in Gymnastics and they aren't up their with other countries but the good thing is, the gymnasts from the lower countries will fight until they get a medal on the World stage and start putting their country on the map. I think that Thi Ha is a perfect example of exactly that. She won the Gold at last year's Porto World Cup on vault but she was still hungry for more!

October 2011, The World Gymnastics Championships, the 2nd biggest World Gymnastics' event. With a great qualifying round, Thi Phan had managed to advance to the Final of the Vault, A first for any Vietnamese Gymnast. 

In the event final, she showed her lovely Handspring Rudi and 1 1/2 and landed in the Bronze medal position, also a first for any Vietnamese gymnast.

Recently, the Sea Games was held and she also stormed to victory on vault and also medaled with compatriot Thi Ngan Thoung Do, the 2008 Olympian, in the all-around.

Thi deserves this the most for this fortnight's work!


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