Sunday, 13 November 2011


Chinese Gymnast Huang Qiushuang has had an on-off sort of year this year but gladly she won the Women's all-around competition in the DTB Stuttgart World Cup. Huang was 3rd after the first subdivision. Giulia Steingruber was the highest scorer. But, Huang put that behind her and managed a whooping 15.2 bar set, giving her the lead at the half way mark. The closest score to match her's was Kim Bui's 14.033. Over to the shaky beam, Huang won the highest score also with 14.533. Yulia Inshina was right on her toes but wasn't close enough with 14.2. Moving, too the final event, Huang had achieved two highest scores and was in the lead. All that was required was an OKAY? set. She scored 13.966, not world class but she had done enough to secure her gold medal. It was a closely fought battle on floor with Bui receiving 13.6.

Well Done Huang!

The IntlGymnast has written that the team final event will be taking place today, meaning all those calculations I did won't be needed as their isn't en EF's! Aaah well! Lieke Wevers would have done amazing, she was in 3!

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