Sunday, 4 March 2012


Although the American Cup has dominated most of the World's Gymnastics attention, the English Championships were also on. This is the first major competition for English competitors in Espoir, Junior and Senior events. 

This competition was dominated mainly by Notts' Ellie Downie and East London's Tyesha Mattis. In the individual all-around competition, Tyesha swooped in to a 1st place finish, 0.7 ahead of Downie but Downie had something different to say in the event finals.

AA (Top 12)

  1. Tyesha Mattis
  2. Ellie Downie
  3. Amy Tinkler
  4. Teal Grindle
  5. Catherine Lyons
  6. Caitlin Tsang
  7. Lauren Mitchell
  8. Phoebe Turner
  9. Bethany Lavelle
  10. Eden Edwards
  11. Imogen Chan
  12. Freya Ansell-Jones
So, Ellie won 2 out of 4 finals, pretty successful day for Ellie. On floor, she fell short with 12.1 and finished 8th.


  1. Ellie Downie
  2. Tyesha Mattis
  3. Amy Tinkler
  4. Natasha Baptiste
  5. Stefanie Bowles
  6. Teal Grindle
  7. Freya Ansell-Jones
  8. Eden Edwards

  1. Ellie Downie
  2. Tyesha Mattis
  3. Amy Tinkler
  4. Catherine Lyons
  5. Teal Grindle
  6. Caitlin Tsang
  7. Eshe Bernard
  8. Eden Edwards
  9. Phoebe Turner
  10. Imogen Chan

  1. Tyesha Mattis
  2. Amy Tinkler
  3. Ellie Downie
  4. Teal Grindle
  5. April Maslen
  6. Freya Ansell-Jones
  7. Caitlin Tsang
  8. Catherine Lyons
  9. Lauren Mitchell
  10. Carrie Walker

  1. Teal Grindle
  2. Catherine Lyons
  3. Tyesha Mattis
  4. Caitlin Tsang
  5. Amy Tinkler
  6. Imogen Chan
  7. Josephine Tsang
  8. Ellie Downie
  9. Megan Coates
  10. Lauren Mitchell
So, there you have it, these are the gymnasts of the future. These girls will be the team of 2016 for Rio.

Stay tuned for posts on the Junior and Senior Events. @TWGgymblog

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