Sunday, 4 March 2012


The main event in Gymnastics in March has been the American Cup. It was a highly popular event with many updates over twitter & facebook. Geddert's Twister Jordyn Wieber won the gold medal but we've learnt that playing Gabrielle Douglas as a wild card wasn't a great move.

1. Jordyn Wieber
2. Alexandra Raisman
3. Larissa Iordache
4. Victoria Moors
5. Diana Chelaru
6. Lisa-Katharine Hill
7. Georgia Simpson
8. Rebecca Tunney

Raisman tied with Wieber twice so I think if her bars was a little stronger she'd of been able to fight for the title a bit more. Rebecca Tunney was a brave contestant but the American Cup has brought out the worst in some gymnasts because it's such a big competition. Unfortunately, she fell 3 times on beam but Britain are proud of her for flying the flag for us. Simpson must've been the least talked about gymnast because I didn't see her once in the NBC coverage, she did put up a strong 14.1 on her first piece. Iordache maintained a steady but very good round of gymnastics. Her vault was a very big DTY and she performed it beautifully, she didn't have such as good bars but scored 14+ and on beam she smashed it with 15.400 and won that event, her floor was cheeky and lovely also. Moors was pipped to the post by Iordache but showed some confident work throughout although it went a little downhill from her 14.733 vault to 13.033 bars, she managed to crawl up with her last piece scoring 14.766. I only saw Chelaru's vault but a very nice DTY that was, obviously being Romanian, her competition was a little affected but 5th place is a great achievement on the World Cup stage. I didn't see any of Hill's work but she is a very keen bar worker and could do wonders for Germany at the Olympics in July. NBC wouldn't show any of Gabrielle's performances but all 3 American girls knocked vault of the park each going for an AMANAR. Wieber and Raisman both came out on top with 16.1 but Gabrielle still scored a massive 15.855. 

So there you have it, all the gymnastics download from a recent meet and I wasn't even in New York. Thank you to all our followers on twitter who followed our coverage. We may be live covering the Pacific Rim Gymnastics Competition in Everett,WA if the live stream works. 

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