Tuesday, 6 March 2012


As it's the 6th of March, I thought there was no point doing all of the March birthdays so I'll start from the 6th. Maybe your favorite gymnast has the same birthday as you??

March 8th: Ashley Preiss (USA)
March 9th: Hong Su Jong (PRK)
March 10th: Mitch Gaylord (USA)
March 10th: Shannon Miller (USA)
March 11th: Snejana Hiristikaeva (BUL)
March 15th: Anthony Van Assche (NED)
March 18th: Kristian Berki (HUN)
March 20th: Khuiani Luana Diaz (BRA)
March 21st: Ma Yahong (CHN)
March 22nd: Maike Roll (GER)
March 23rd: Kristie Phillips (USA)
March 25th: Fei Tong (CHN)
March 26th: Mikhail Voronin (RUS, died May 22'2004)
March 29th: Kurt Thomas (GBR)
March 31st: Vlasios Maras (GRE), Comin Camila (BRA), Donna-Donny Truyens (BEL), Sergio Sasaki (BRA)

So there you have it, the lowdown on your favorite gymnasts birthday, unless their not up there!;)

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