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The test event is out of the way and every elite international gymnast should now know whether they are going to the Olympics. I've devised a list of some gymnasts that are likely to be chosen by the country.

This is the team USA edition;

Alexandra Raisman 
This gymnast from Massachusetts, coached by Mihai Brestyan, has been on the Senior international scene since 2010. Her senior debut was at the American Cup in Worcester,Mass (on home soil!) Later that year she went to Covergirl Classic and Visa Championships. After, she was on the world championship team. In qualifications, she qualified for the all-around final in group 1 and also the floor final (her specialist piece.) Unfortunately, she mucked up her bars but gained valuable experience during the competition. In floor final, she came around 5th-6th place. In 2011, she went to the AT&T American Cup. She won the Covergirl Classic but had many big mistakes! At Visa's, she qualified for the Worlds again. At worlds, she qualified for the all-around again and the floor final, mirroring her 2010 effort. In the all-around, she mirrored her bars and had big mistakes and lots of excess swings. In the floor final, she came 3rd, winning a second medal after Team USA won the Team competition. She brings a lot of experience and talent to the table for USA.

Mattie Larson
Mattie has been around in the senior ranks since 2008. Her senior debut was at the Olympic Trials in Philadelphia. She may have been a bit too unprepared for the competition but she managed to put down 15+ scores on floor on both nights. Unfortunately, Marta didn't see an Olympian within her and she was out of the Olympics. Since 2008, she has done a lot. Starting with 2009, it was quite a quiet year for her but she competed in the USA vs. Germany competition and she also competed at Gymnix. 2010 was a much more successful year for Mattie, she competed in the Covergirl classic and at the end of the year, in Visas. Marta saw an international athlete within her and chose her to be on the 2010 worlds TEAM USA squad.
In Rotterdam, she helped the team qualify to the team final in 2nd but she didn't make any finals. Team USA used her once on floor but she fell and lost .5 for loosing a requirement. 
The American team were pretty distraught with her and a lot of people discussed on youtube commenting 'she lost if for USA' and 'I hope she's happy she made USA come second'. But let's be honest, Youtubers that write stuff like that are fat bitches that eat kentucky 3 times a week and suckers for coke, what can they do? She was dropped from the team in 2011 worlds but she is joining the UCLA.

Kyla Ross
Ross is as talented as the juniors come. She is a first year senior and will be old enough to compete in London. Along with Ohashi, she had some big junior level skills. She is a very powerful yet elegant gymnast! It may be hard for her to get on the team unless she competes very well in a big competition. The reason being she is a first year and like Mattie Larson's story, your unlikely to get picked as you don't have bags of experience like 2nd or 3rd year seniors or even Nastia with 7 years. Overall, she doesn't have major experience but  has the talent to be on the Olympic team

Bridgette Caquatto
2011 was Caquatto's second year as a senior and she did pretty well. One of her first meets of the year was the Jesolo competition where Team USA came in first place. She was relatively quiet after that until the Covergirl classic. She comes from Legacy, and the legacy girls can swing. Anna Li, who's mum and dad own Legacy and her sister Mackenzie are both other great bar workers. She scored 14.9 on bars but had a dodgy pass on floor when she fell on the double pike (12,3). Bridgette didn't get into the 2011 worlds team but made the Pan American Games team. In the team final, Bridgette helped team USA to a first place finish. On that night, she qualified for all-around finals and bars final. In the all-around final, she actually won the competition! This was a great achievement for her and Legacy Elite Gymnastics Club as they haven't had much success but they did get Macko to worlds, moving to this story, she only did a FTY but that was still enough for gold. Her golden luck didn't stop there as she was golden in the bars final aswell. So, a quick recap, she medalled 3 times, 3 of those medals were gold. We could say she did pretty well!

Shawn Johnson
Well, this girl has some experience. and some leotards. and some bad-ass gymnastics. I can say that she literally represents Gymnastics. Whenever anyway one talks about gymnastics they always think about Liukin or Johnso! Aside, she has been around since 2007. Tyson American cup was her first REAL senior appearance. She scored mainly 15s, showing she is a first year with some scores! Later that year, she was appointed by Marta to go to Stuttgart, for some competition called World Gymnastics Championships (whatever that is?). This competition would test Shawn's nerves especially as it was the Olympic team qualifier. She had a great qualification round and made all-around, beam and floor finals. Making the AA is an achievement, AA's make a man of you! Ferrari got away lightly with her slip up but not JJ! Well, she had a pretty damn flawless competition with no mistakes and that landed her to her first gold at worlds(yeeha!). After her golden performance, she now headed to her event finals. Starting with beam, it was a bit of disaster. You could see that a day after her golden performance, it really rubs off! She fell twice but lets not go there! Skipping worlds, and moving to Olympic trials. Marta makes a man of you but, she said YES to Shawn. Beijing bitch, oh Beijing! Qualifications in the birds nest went well for little shawnie! All-around final, beam and floor finals but before that it's the team final. Yes, kentucky youtubers blame it on ALICIA, fat pigs! USA wouldn't have ever been able to catch up with China's great (apart from He) performance. Anyway, she got her first medal of the games (silver.) In the all-around final, you could see that Shawn was freaking WELL JELL of damn Nastia! ''as it were''! In the event finals, she rocked out the beam and said 'Haha Li, better luck next time, stoopid Chineeese!'<--wtf?!, an olympic gold was placed round her neck! Floor?
Her comeback was pretty ace. She went to Guadalajara!<---yeah, i;m boredd?

I'm pretty hacking tired but Mikayla Maroney, J Wiebs and ASac are also 3 other bad-ass gymnasts to look out for!

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