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Yesterday, I streamed the coverage live on twitter(updates and scores and routines) so whether you caught that I'm not sure. It's still up (@TWGtheworldgym) but here is what happened;


Sui Lu did an AWFUL routine. She first fell on her first element,front pike. Then, she went back with tuck .5 (good landing) but she fell onto the beam on her back pike.(still 1.0 deduc.)
I can't remember the other skill she fell on. Then, she dismounted and landed heavy on her head on the double pike. 10.366

Marine Brevet was next, she had a nice tuck back, good connection series and nice leaps. But, she overcooked her double pike and had to sit it down. 13.366

Maksyuta- great save on first skill. she had a wobble on one of her leaps, didn't catch much of the routine but it was wobbly from what I saw. 14.3

DeAgostini- wobbly but nice jumps. she had some good connections but again quite wobbly. Double pike and then she was crying off the podium. When she was off, she was heavily crying and was ice-ing her foot. She may have picked up an injury. 14.133

Gardiner- great double cosak turn, wobble on leap, onodi(good), free walkover into connection series(wobble), controlled side somi, step on double pike. 14.266

Ferlito- back somi to sheep. connection series(check) big wobble on spin. bit leggy on 2.5 twist dismount. 14.5

Jinnan- check on back tuck, triple connection series(falls), lovely leaps, free walkover, front somi then double pike 13,5 

Millousi- great mount (khorki,2003). free cartwheel, back somi, sheep. beautiful 'on beam' work. deep(ish) landing on double pike. 14.5

  1. Vasiliki Millousi
  2. (1st) Carlotta Ferlito (tied with Millousi)
  3. Valeriia Maksyuta
  4. Maddie Gardiner
  5. Francesca DeAgostini
  6. Yao Jinnan
  7. Marine Brevet
  8. Sui Lu


Julie Croket(BEL) resigned from the competition meaning Ana Lago did get to compete in the final. 

Lu-whip triple(good), 2.5 but not front somi connection, beautiful triff spin, 1.5 into 1.1 front, lost control on memmel turn, strong double pike. 13.833

Hypolito-Saw music. 2.5 into front somi(strong), 1.5 into 1/1 (big step), double tuck, stag leap(excellent) and great double pike. 13.733

Brevet- huge double layout opener(great), 1.5 through to double tuck, good jumps, free walkover, clean double twist, memmel(good), great double pike 14.066

Dos Santos-crowd onside in first few seconds, double layout 1/1 (holy macaroni), pike front into double arabian tuck. great leap, double layout(okay), controlled double pike finish, 14.066

Ferlito-1.5 leap(good), triple twist(leggy), loose legged double tuck, leap series(pause), whip,double, free walkover, double pike, 13.966

Ferrrari-Silivas(little low), full in back out(tuck,good), 1.5 leap('ish'y) 1.5 into 1/1 front, nice double pike finish, 14.4 (but you can see her whole bra under the leotard, mmm?)

Moors- Silivas(oob?hop), 1.5 into 3/1 twist, nice choreo, free walkover, 2.5 (step), great double tuck, 14.2

Lago- DL(hop), great leg up spin, double back (hop), 1.5 leap(good), front somi to double twist, double pike, 13.866

  1. Vanessa Ferrari
  2. Victoria Moors
  3. Diane Dos Santos 
  4. Marine Brevet(tied 3rd)
  5. Carlotta Ferlito
  6. Ana Estefania Serna Lago
  7. Sui Lu
  8. Danielle Hypolito(why last?bitch?)
overall, this was a very good championship. At least, we now know who is going to the Olympics, so it's just going to be work,work,work in preparation for the games. Unfortunately, I can' go to the games due to the bitches that created the ticketing system I will be able to blog from television or if FIG do a live stream. 

See ya soon 02, July, July, here we come!

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