Friday, 13 January 2012


Yesterday, we saw day one of the individual event finals! There was some good routines and some not!

Let's start out with vault.

Masela was 1st out, just made a DTY. 14,533
After her, Grishina went. She fell on her 1.5 yurchenko. Next vault, fall.
Julia Steingruber was third. Hands down on Rudi. only a 1/1 tsuk.
Daniele Hypolito. Just landed 1.5 yurch. fierce salute after. 
Fasana. nice DTY. then fall on handspring lay.
Vale Maksyuta. Strong DTY but stepped out. big step on second but great vaults.
Jade Barbosa. 1st vault goes up into the rafters (14,966) didn't watch until 2nd.

  1. Jade Barbosa
  2. Valeria Maksyuta
  3. Wyomi Masela
  4. Daniele Hypolito
  5. Giulia Steingruber
  6. Erica Fasana
  7. Nastia Grishina.
I didn't watch bars final so here are the results;

  1. Nastia Grishina
  2. Youna Dufournet
  3. Yao Jinnan
  4. Christina Vaculik
  5. Christine Lee
  6. Rebecca Tunney
  7. Martha Pihan
  8. Natalia Kononenko
I will hopefully (89% chance?) cover day 2 tonight. It's likely, let's she the line up;


  1. Sui Lu
  2. Carlotta Ferlito
  3. Vasiliki Millousi
  4. Francesca DeAgostini
  5. Yao Jinnan
  6. Valeria Maksyuta
  7. Marine Brevet
  8. Madaline Gardiner
Julie Croket is reserved by 0.033


  1. Victoria Moors
  2. Marine Brevet
  3. Vanessa Ferrari (as she didn't do bars ef  she may have pulled out meaning Ana Lago will replace her)
  4. Carlotta Ferlito
  5. Sui Lu
  6. Daiane Dos Santos
  7. Julia Crocket
  8. Daniele Hypolito
Vanessa Ferrari was down for Bars final but didn't show up so I'm not sure if she will do tonight. If she doesn't, Ana Lago Serna from Mexico will take her place in the event final.

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