Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Last week, we saw a dramatic turn of events in the NCAA. Florida managed to clench on to their no.1 ranking and UCLA's Vanessa Zamarripa scored a 10.0 on vault.

As you know, I have recently started covering the NCAA results and I decided to go out on the hunt to look for this week's competitions and then put them into an almost 'TV Guide' so I think I've got most meets but don't hold your breath

Friday 8th February 

2:00pm PT - UCLA v Washington v UC Davis v Sacramento - Video (free) - Stats

3:00pm - Alaska v Winona State v Centenary

6:30pm CT - Missouri v LSU - Video ($) - Tickets 

7:00pm ET - Kentucky v Georgia - Video ($) - Live Stats

7:00pm MT - Air Force v Utah State

7:00pm ET - Florida v Alabama - Tickets  - Video ($)

7:00pm MT - Arizona State v Oregon State - TV

7:00pm CT - Auburn v Arkansas  

7:00pm ET - Northern Illinois v Central Michigan

7:00pm MST - BYU v Southeast Missouri - TV

7:00pm MT - Denver v Southern Utah - Live Stats - Tickets

7:00pm ET - Maryland v North Carolina v New Hampshire v Towson - Live Stats

7:00pm CT -  Michigan State v Iowa - Live Stats

7:00pm ET - Michigan v Ohio State - Live Stats - Video ($)

7:00pm CST - Oklahoma v Iowa State (Beauty & The Beast) - Live Stats

7:00pm - San Jose State v Seattle Pacific - Video (free)

Saturday 9th February 

4:00pm CT - Minnesota v Illinois - Video ($) - Tickets

7:00pm MT - California v Utah - Video (free) - Live Stats - Tickets

Sunday 10th February

2:00pm MST - Boise v Southeast Missouri - Video - Live Stats  

2:00pm PT - UCLA v Washington v UC Davis v Sacramento - (free) - Live Stats - Tickets

2:00pm CST -  West Virginia v Iowa State  - Video (free) 

Looks like we have a big showdown coming up this week. 


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