Saturday, 23 June 2012


the british gymnastics championships started yesterday at the Liverpool Echo arena, obviously in Liverpool. It was the Junior Girls that took the stage in the all-around competition. It was very exciting throughout the whole competition and very close with strong performances from the contenders; Raer Theaker, Gabrielle Jupp, Angel Romaeo, Emily Crowe, Charlie Fellows & Claudia Fragapane. But right from the start it was Gabrielle Jupp from Sapphire School Of Gymnastics that was in the driving seat. She kicked her day off with 13.6 on vault, one of the top scores. Bars is where you start to see the cracks because  it's very hard for the young girls to work up but Jupp was there with 13.25, the highest score. Charlie Fellows from Sanbach, also said 'no' to the weak spot on bars with 12.85. But, the contenders like Theaker, Crowe, Fragapane and Caig, this was the place where they showed they are weak on. There was an amazing set of scores on beam though. Gabrielle Jupp kicking it into 1st again with 13.550. Angel Romaeo and Abbie Caig were very strong and competent with 13.25 and The Norfolk Academy's Emily Crowe with 13.2. It was a real shame for Liverpool's Abbie Caig, as she fell on her new double layout pass on floor. She finished with 12.75 but has to bare with the fact that if she would have landed that, she would've been on the podium but stands up with 51.550 and 4th place. Gabby Jupp prevailed on floor though, 13.9 was the highest score on floor and the whole day and she finishes with 54.30, impossible to beat even if Caig would've stood up. New routine from Romaeo, 13.75 for her and silver medal. Charlie Fellows comes 3rd also. But, Emily Crowe is usually up there with the floor scores but manages none the less 13.4 and 6th Place.

The Junior Event Finals are tomorrow, so take a look at the qualifiers (couldn't get vault)


  1. Gabrielle Jupp
  2. Charlie Fellows
  3. Angel Romaeo
  4. Iona Theobold
  5. Chantelle Halford
  6. Raer Theaker
  7. Abbie Caig
  8. Lucy Brett

  1. Gabrielle Jupp
  2. Emily Crowe
  3. Angel Romaeo
  4. Abbie Caig
  5. Jade Steedford
  6. Georgina Hockenhull
  7. Ellis O'Reilly
  8. Claudia Fragapane
No Raer. She fell on her free cartwheel, she's in 10th


  1. Gabrielle Jupp
  2. Angel Romaeo
  3. Claudia Fragapane
  4. Charlie Fellows
  5. Raer Theaker
  6. Emily Crowe
  7. Jade Armstrong
  8. Ellis O'Reilly 

The British Men & Women Seniors are up later on today. Tune in on our twitter and the british gymnastics website for more info. 

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