Wednesday, 27 June 2012


as the london 2012 games are coming closer, we are looking at some of the worlds teams to see who can slip in. For Great Britian, the final qualifier was last week in Liverpool at British Champs but the announcement will be live on the 4th July via. BGtv livestream & on the website. 

The girls that are mainly in contention

  1. Beth Tweddle
  2. Rebecca Tunney
  3. Imogen Cairns
  4. Jennifer Pinches
  5. Hannah Whelan
  6. Danusia Francis
  7. Niamh Rippin
  8. Ruby Harrold
  9. Jocelyn Hunt
  10. Laura Mitchell
and Kelly Simm. 

The British team is very easy to pick. I am from the country so I have been closely checking their progression. 

My team is;

  1. Beth Tweddle
  2. Hannah Whelan
  3. Rebecca Tunney
  4. Jennifer Pinches
  5. Imogen Cairns
I would reserve Danusia Francis and/or Niamh Rippin. 

but, what do you think? 

comment, tweet, facebook. 

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