Thursday, 5 July 2012


Yesterday, the British Gymnastics board announced the girls represent GBR in our home country. It was a tight battle but we have selected our 5. 

  1. Imogen Cairns (The Academy)
  2. Jennifer Pinches (Liverpool)
  3. Rebecca Tunney (Liverpool)
  4. Beth Tweddle (Liverpool)
  5. Hannah Whelan (Liverpool)
As you can see, Liverpool are very strong with 4/5 girls in the team. Representing the men;

  1. Sam Oldham 
  2. Daniel Purvis
  3. Louis Smith
  4. Kristian Thomas
  5. Max Whitlock
and in Rhythmic;

  1. Georgina Cassar
  2. Jade Falkner
  3. Francesca Fox
  4. Lyn Hutchinson 
  5. Louisa Pouli 
  6. Rachel Smith
Francesca Jones is the individual. 

so, all that's left is, BRING ON LONDON! 

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