Thursday, 5 July 2012


Currently, the Chinese Junior Nationals are taking place in Hangzhou. Youtuber piibunina has already uploaded some videos of the event  but only floor but I'm sure there is more where that came from, but this is podium training, so be warned.

Nina Lou is one of the most excitable Chinese juniors. She's been on the lips of everybody as she has competed a few competitions but the highlight being Pacific Rim in Everett, WA. This routine is very serious and well presented. She's not one for games. 

Xie Wanwei is a beautiful gymnast as shown in this routine but she is a form TYRANT. Quite messy in all her twisting/straight skills. Nice routine as it's quite different but we still don't get a break from the Mr & Mrs Smith which is still flying the flag in 2012 with her and Victoria Moors.

Next up is the beautiful Lu Jiaqi. Amazing beauty in the choreography. This is the piece that Yuko Shintake or one Japanese girl used at the '08 Olympics. Double Tuck, 1.5 into Front Layout. China are very weak in Juniors, they don't have much difficulty.

watch more of the videos here

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