Wednesday, 8 February 2012


You may have read the first post of the ones that got away but if not here is a quick description. It's a series where we look back on gymnasts that have unfortunately retired but brought massive talent.

GABRIELA DRAGOI (last competed; 2010)

I'm not sure where Gabi's got too but she's missing. We first so of saw her at the 2007 worlds. She brought the classic Romanian talent on beam and she had a nice floor routine. Her bars wasn't too shabby but Romanian aren't renowned bar workers. In the Olympics, she obviously won a bronze medal with her team but she also made the Beam final. Surprisingly, no other Romanian did actually compete in that final! She came in one of the lower ranks but It was still a great opportunity! I'm not sure if she went to London 2009?? But, she definitely went to the 2010 worlds. No finals but she competed bars for the team final!

ALINA KOZICH (last competed; 2009)

Alina is the star of the show in many peoples eyes in Ukranian Gymnastics. Her beautiful lines and grace made her Gymnastics career a long and successful one. Alina's strengths are probably all-around. Graceful on floor and beam, powerful on vault but I suppose bars is her weakness. In 2004, Alina went to the Olympics and made the all-around final. I remember how heart-broken I was when she fell her beam dismount! In 2005,6,7, she went to the Worlds. At the 2008 Olympics, Ukraine had a very poor show in the team qualification event. She fell and landed OOB on floor. Ukranian leader Korobchinksy sent her to Uzbekistan because he felt she'd lost it for the team. In 2009, she put on her Uzbekistani jacket and went to Worlds. She didn't compete the all-around and she didn't make finals but it was a nice elite gymnastics send-off. Since 2010, Alina has been coaching in Japan and she helps Choreo etc. with Sergei Butsula.



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