Sunday, 5 February 2012


This is a post about some of the gymnasts that are taking long breaks or are retired! 

ANA MARIA TAMIRJAN (last competed: 2009)

Tamirjan has seen it all for Romania. I'm not sure she went to the 2007 worlds but she went to the Olympics and got a team bronze medal. 2009 was her most busy year though. She went to the Jesolo competition with the team. Later, she went to the Worlds and made the all-around. Here is her vault from worlds;

ANNAMARI MAARANEN (last competed internationally; 2007)

Maaranen may be retired from International competition but she stills competes for the Denver University. Before moving to Denver, Maaranen had a very successful senior international career that dates back to 2004. She went to the 2007 worlds but unfortunately the Finnish team didn't qualify a team. Watch her competing for Denver;

DARIYA ZGOBA (last competed; 2009 worlds)

Zgoba is one of the most experienced Ukranian gymnasts in this decade. Her first internationals were around 2004/5. But, more recently, she competed in the 2007 worlds. The Ukranian gymnastics team were a lot more EXPERIENCED that quad so they managed to qualify a team. Her and Holenkova, Kozich, Koval, Prosturkina and Irina Krasninskaya all went to the Olympics. 

Part 2 will be published soon.......

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