Wednesday, 15 February 2012


This post ties in with Biggest Swingers 2012, so this is the same series. In this episode, we'll see some of the worlds best vaulters from last year!

McKayla Maroney
The obvious pick! McKayla had a stonking year last year with amazing results! Her biggest success, Twice World Champion! Her amanar is such a great vault and gives her a massive score. Rumor has it, A cheng and TTY could be in for the Olympics!

Jade Barbosa Fernandes
Jade did extremely well in 2010 and 2011 for her sort of comeback years! In 2010, she won a bronze medal at Worlds on vault! In 2011, she won Russian Cup and Ghent. In 2012, she's already won the London Prepares Vault final! 

Thi Ha Phan
Vietnam isn't a very highly ranked nation in Gymnastics but Thi just says ''NO!'' to that! Coming 3rd in Tokyo, gave her automatic Olympic qualification! After worlds, she won the Sea Games in Indonesia!

Alicia Sacramone
Alicia lost her 2011 Worlds but throughout 2010/11, she showed absolute brilliant potential to take the title from Maroney! In 2010, she was Vault world champion, the second in the chain for USA gymnastics and in 2011, she did very well at Nationals, Covergirl etc, with her vaulting! She would've been a very strong contender for Worlds gold!

Giulia Steingruber
Not a hugely successful gymnast but Giulia has the tricks on vault! In 2011, she started the year with the Europeans but fell on her first vault! Later in 2011, she made world vault final and placed in the lower rankings but still gained experience. In 2012, she qualified for London Prepares vault final but fell on her first vault! In my opinion, she'll need an upgrade on her second vault, tsuk 1.5

Part 2 later....

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