Monday, 13 February 2012


Bars is one of my favorite events! It's fast, adrenaline packed and risky! Let's take a look at some of the gymnasts that could do well with their bars at the Olympics and at other meets;

Anna Li, USA
Anna comes with experience, talent and BARS! The former UCLA competitor has some pretty big moves she is using on bars in International senior level. Her mum and dad own Legacy Elite.

Viktoriya Komova, Russia
Viktoria is a very well-known gymnast in the senior rankings now! Her bars should definitely be noted though. She is even a world champion on this piece! Her effortless swing, big releases and perfect dismount could swing her to an Olympic title...

Huang Qiushuang, China
Huang is China's best all-arounder and to be honest at the moment,  her bars work is on a par with Kexins. Her routine can get a bit dragged on but her moves are elegant and beautiful! She is China's biggest chance of winning medals at the Olympics

Beth Tweddle, Great. Britain
We all know Beth Tweddle didn't make the final last year but she has got some cracking skills. She is definitely a barsonator, she just fights every routine like it's her last, and YES! She is going to get her medal she deserves!

Eli Seitz, Germany
Germany's strongest bar worker and all-arounder, Elisabeth Seitz may have to fight to make the bars final but she has some amazing skills. Her own skill, Seitz, full twisting shapo and she has 2 releases. Her form is just awkward sometimes but her difficulty shows her the finish line..

Tatiyana Nabiyeva, Russia
Attitude! Tanya also has some bad-ass bars! Let the difficulty entertain you!

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