Saturday, 16 March 2013

GER v USA v ROU: German Team

DTB recently announced the gymnasts competing at the Tri-Meet against Romania and the USA on the 30th March. I'm not sure if it's definite but here is the team;

  1. Elisabeth Seitz (TG Mannheim)
  2. Maike Enderle (TSV Weingarten)
  3. Tabea Alt (MTV Ludwigsburg)
  4. Cagla Akyol (KTG Heidelberg)
  5. Sophie Scheder (TUS 1860)
The final spot will be between Pauline Tratz, Florine Harder, Alina Ehret and Pauline SchaferThere will be a training camp from the 25th to 28th March between Germany and USA and Carina Kroll, Kim Janas, Jannika Greber, Leah Griesser and Sarah Voss will be training but won't be competing at the competition. 

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