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It was a busy day yesterday in Gymnastics so news from French World Cup and British Espoir Championships, let's reflect on the action


* the full results haven't been announced, just the qualifiers

gymnasts in bold are the qualifiers. 

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) - 12.983
Giulia Steingruber (SUI) - 12.866
Maegan Chant (CAN) - 12.733
Makarena Pinto (CHI) - 12.333
Alexa Moreno (MEX) 
Valerija Grisane (LAT)
Sabrina Gill (CAN)
Janine Berger (GER)
Maria Paseka (RUS)
Teja Belak (SLO)
Tijana Tkalcec (CRO)

Sabrina Gill (CAN) - 13.900
Kaitlyn Hoffland (CAN) - 13.866
Giulia Steingruber (SUI) - 13.433
Jana Sikulova (CZE) - 13.133
Kristyna Palesova (CZE)
Marta Pihan (POL)
Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)
Rebecca Downie (GBR)

Ksenia Afanasiieva (RUS) - 13.966
Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) - 13.833
Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) - 13.633
Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) - 13.066
Sabrina Gill (CAN) - 13.066
Marine Brevet (FRA) - 12.700
Sasa Golob (SLO) - 12.500
Giulia Steingruber (SUI) - 12.400
Maegan Chant (CAN) - 12.166
Diana Bulimar (ROU) - 11.966
Anne Kuhm (FRA) - 11.266
Teja Belak (SLO) - 10.933

Ksenia Afansiieva (RUS) - 14.466
Diana Bulimar (ROU) - 14.266
Maegan Chant (CAN) 13.666
Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) - 13.600
Marine Brevet (FRA) - 13.533
Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) - 13.466
Sasa Golob (SLO) - 12.866
Giulia Steingruber (SUI) - 12.766
Sabrina Gill (CAN) - 12.366
Makarena Pinto (CHI) - 11.833

British Olympic Medallist Kristian Thomas was injured on his double front vault in qualifications today. He was carried out of the arena and it looked like a leg injury. 

It was a catastrophe on bars, 2008 Olympian Rebecca Downie fell on her weiler and dismount. Polish star Marta Pihan fell and decided to not complete her routine, however, she isn't injured. Italian veteran Vanessa Ferrari fell on her double front dismount and Kristyna Palesova, a 2008 Olympian, fell on her double layout dismount. The Canadian girls went one and two with strong 13.900 and 13.833's respectively. Beam also took names. Home star Marine Brevet on her acro series as well as Swiss gymnast Giulia Steingruber. Slovakian Teja Belak also came a cropper. Anne Kuhm of France uncharacteristically fell twice and scored just 11.266. On the vault, Mexico's Alexa Moreno had a close shave on her double twisting tsuk. Unfortunately, Janine Berger of Germany fell badly on her neck and will not carry on with the competition. Croatia's Tijana Tkalcec fell on both her vaults.  



Ipswich's Pipers Vale Gymnastics Academy was the stage for this year's British Espoir Championships. This competition is a chance to see some of Britain's best 11 to 13 year olds but it's also a qualifier for the British Championships 2013 at the Liverpool Echo Arena next weekend (which I will be watching). So, what are they qualifying for? These girls are qualifying for the top 8 spots on each apparatus. Whoever comes in the top 8 will go to the 11,000 seated Echo Arena in Liverpool and compete in front a massive crowd. This meet also included the range competition. If you don't know what Range is, it's kind of like the British equivalent of the American TOPs program. It's conditioning and skills testing really and it's judged also. 

In the all-around competition, Europa took 1-2 with 2013 English Champion Georgia-Mae Fenton (1st) and 2013 AYOF competitor Catherine Lyons (2nd). The bronze went to Sapphire's Teal Grindle

AA (Top 12):

  1. Georgia Mae Fenton (Europa)
  2. Catherine Lyons (Europa)
  3. Teal Grindle (Sapphire)
  4. Louise McColgan (Larg's)
  5. Maisie Meuthen (Phoenix)
  6. Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin)
  7. Abigail Solari (The Academy)
  8. Lucy Stanhope (Liverpool)
  9. Claudia Barkes (S. Durham)
  10. Phoebe Turner (The Academy)
  11. Honour Sheard (Park Wrekin)
  12. Bethany Lavelle (Park Wrekin)
The vault competition went to Phoenix's Maisie Meuthen with 13.100 average. All-around champion Georgia Mae Fenton won the bars with 13.350, Teal Grindle was second and Catherine Lyons was bronze medalist. It was a tie for first on beam between Louise McColgan of Larg's and Teal Grindle with 13.600 respectively. Georgia Mae Fenton was bronze medalist. 
Europa's Catherine Lyons took the floor title with 13.500, a great score. Teal Grindle was just behind her in second and a tie for third went to Louise McColgan and Georgia-Mae Fenton

The Level 2 Gymnasts will compete today. 

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