Tuesday, 19 March 2013


This weekend, I will be LIVE at the 2013 British Championships at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. It will be the event finals day, where the best of the best through Espoir, Junior and Senior gymnasts go head to head for the individual medals. It will be from 10:30am GMT but I will compile a list of times from different time zones across the world so you can follow the action.

How can I follow the coverage?
The only coverage I am able to do is via twitter so if you don't have twitter, you really should get it (not just because of this event but it's amazing anyways). As it will be via mobile tweets, It may not be routine after routine but I will post results after the final has finished

Who will be competing? 
The best British gymnasts. No Junior or Senior gymnasts have been announced but the Espoir's have been. Go here and the top 8 on each event (excl. range) will be competing. 

It will be at 10:30am GMT so make sure you're up! Here is a list of other time zones; 

EST - 5:30am
CST - 4:30am
PST - 2:30am
CET (Italy, France, Germany etc) - 11:30am
CST (Australia) - 12:00am

Can I come or is it too late?
Tickets haven't been taken off so I'm presuming they're still available here

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