Wednesday, 13 February 2013


It's quite early on in the season but I am really excited about the NCAA National Championships. As you know, watching these events can be hard because of time zones and I only really started following the NCAA gymnastics season this year so I consider myself to be a bit of a novice but this is my Super Six;

I think UCLA and Florida are top of the list to qualify for the Super Six. UCLA have won all their meets this year. They also have a big line-up of greatness with a variety of Freshmans, Juniors, Seniors and Sophomores. I am really anticipating Peng Peng Lee's debut but I doubt she will compete this season.

2. Florida
Florida have lost only one meet but they also have a huge line-up of strength and depth of all ages. They have the highest team season high score also. Not only do they excel as a team but they have very strong all-arounders like Bridget Sloan, Kytra Hunter and Ashanee Dickerson

3. Michigan
Michigan are the dark horses for the NCAA team title. At the start of the season, they were briefly top of the table but that was short after the Florida team. They have also only lost one match this year. They have difficulty and also a great set of all-arounders like Joanna Sampson

4. Alabama
They haven't had such a repetitive win rate but the Crimson Tide could definitely make the Super Six. They don't really have much as all-arounders but they have many gymnasts that are very likely to finally like Marissa Gutierrez and Diandra Milliner.

5. Utah
I think Utah can just scrape into the Super Six this year but it's going to be a struggle after Junior Corrie Lothrop injured herself a few weeks ago. They have strong all-arounders (Georgia Dabritz and Tory Wilson.) They usually score 9.800+ as an average. Tory Wilson scored a 10.00 last week and is top of the standings. 

6. LSU
LSU are really everyone's favorite. They're being backed by many people and for me, I would be thrilled if they could make the Super Six. They have very strong gymnasts from Rheagan Courville, Jessie Jordan and Sarie Morrison. They currently have an amazing floor exercise specialist, Llomincia Hall, it would be so lovely if she could make the event final and possibly win it!

I think that Oklahoma will be 7th, Stanford will be 8th, Georgia for 9th and Nebraska for 10th. 

Comment below saying who you would like to see at the Super Six or at National event finals.

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