Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Top of the rankings after last week is still Florida. Vanessa Zamarippa and Bridget Sloan are the highest on all-around. Let's see what's on the schedule this week. 

Note: The first teams are the hosts. 

Friday 15th February 2013

6:30pm CST - Iowa State v Northern Illinois - Video (free) - Live Stats

7:00pm EST - Kentucky v Missouri - Video ($)

7:00pm CT - LSU v Arkansas - Video - Stats - Tickets

7:00pm PST - Seattle Pacific v UC Davis - Watch (free) - Live Stats

7:00pm MT - Southern Utah v Sacramento (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Stats

7:00pm PST - Stanford v Arizona State - Video (free, Networks)

7:00pm CT - Oklahoma v BYU v Boise v Texas Woman's - Stats

7:30pm CT - Alabama v Auburn - Video (free?)

Saturday 16th February 2013

4:00pm PST - Arizona v Nebraska - Video (free,stream)

4:00pm ET - Georgia v Florida - Video ($) - Live Stats

4:00pm CT - Illinois v Iowa State (Gym Jam) - Video ($)

4:00pm ET - Michigan v Penn - Stats - Video (BTN)

5:00pm CT - UIC v Denver - Stats 

6:00pm CT - Minnesota v Gustavus v Hamline v Winona State - Video ($)

7:00pm ET - NC State v Bowling Green (Sweetheart Invit.) - Video (free)

7:00pm PT - Oregon State v UCLA - Video (Pac-12 Networks)Stats

Sunday 17th February 2013

2:00pm - Alaska Anchorage v Eastern Michigan - Video (free)

5:00pm ET - Maryland v Rutgers - Video ($)

Judging from these meets, I am likely to be down for watching the Arizona v Nebraska, Alabama v Auburn and LSU v Arkansas. I may be able to watch UCLA, Michigan, Stanford and NC State meets but I'll have to see if the streams are compatible.

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