Saturday, 26 January 2013


Running a blog can be hard because I struggle to find the time after a busy weekly schedule and I'm still chocka block on the weekend so I'm in search of the world gymnast's next co-admin. Here are the details;

I am looking for a co-admin(s, maximum 3) too help me out with blogging after my tight schedule. 

Roles may include;

  • Updating the NCAA blog
  • Contributing and Posting Ideas and News
  • Updating News bar on the right of blog
  • Updating and Covering the Social Networks
  • Reading e-mails
  • Creating competitions
  • etc
It sounds full on but I won't assign you huge chunks a week, you can select the work you'd like to take on. 

To likely be selected, you must;
  • Be familiar with e-mail
  • Know you way around the blogger interface and know how to post etc.
  • Be familiar with social networks (facebook, twitter and tumblr)
  • Have your own e-mail account 
  • Be a gymnastics fan
  • Contribute
If you're still interested, 

please e-mail me here and say;

  • Name
  • Previous or Current Gymnast? (If current, club or any major results?)
  • Favorite Gymnast?
  • Are you familiar with social networks and blogger?
  • Why would you like to contribute?
  • How big a weekly assignment would you like? (one post or hourly updates etc)
  • Do you own/belong to any other blogs?
As i'm quite desperate for help, you're likely to be picked so get applying and the spot is yours

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