Monday, 17 September 2012


and we're back with gymnastics action with the 2nd Mexican Open. There's a big line up this year so I am really looking forward to it. 

If we recap back to last year, we saw Ksenia Afanasiieva take the title and then round it off with a horrendously forgettable dance routine in ugg boots, yes, sounds vile. 

It's taking place from 12-13th of October so hold your horses but it will definitely be a good event. 

  1. Anna Dementyeva
  2. Ana Lago
  3. Yessenia Estrada
  4. Georgia Rose Brown
  5. Brenna Dowell
  6. Kennedy Baker
  7. Ciara Gandolfi
  8. Jessica Gil Ortiz
I think this is a very strong field. 

Who is going to win? 

Well, we have 1 girl with Olympic participation experience (Gil Ortiz) so she may be a little bit drained after the huge expectation. I think the two Americans (Dowell & Baker) will be raring to go after they didn't make it through the gruelling Olympic Trials so they will want to prove something. The Mexican girls will obviously have the home support. I think that Anna Dementiyeva will be a very strong contender because she hasn't really competed a single big international competiton this year so she'll be rearing to go and get her only title of this year but I think it could be anyone's game really

Interestingly, Nadia Comaneci will be the competition's ''godmother'' 

But, what is next after this meet?

Well obviously, the 2012 season is coming to a close but we still have a few more competitions left.

3-7 Oct: ART South American Junior Gymnastics Championships (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

clashing with this tournament is the Alexander Dityatin Cup 2012 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

26-28th Oct: The Olympic Hopes Cup (Liberec, Czech Republic)

3 Nov: 2nd International Torneoi (Schilitgiem, France)

8-11 Nov: XI South American Senior Champs (Rosario, Argentina)

17 Nov: Jaoquim Blume Memorial (Barcelona, Spain)

23-24th Nov: Ostrava Grand Prix (Ostrava, Czech Rep.)

clashing with 2nd of Ostrava GP is Alpen Adria Cup (Klagenfurt, Austria)

1-2 Dec: ENBW World Cup Series (Stuttgart, Germany)

8 Dec: ART World Cup Series (Glasgow, UK)

14-15 Dec: Mikhail Voronin Cup (Moscow, Russia)

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