Sunday, 13 May 2012


Yesterday, was the Senior Team Final at the Belgium Expo. Fortunately, I was able to watch it because they were showing it live on BBC1 Red Button. If you don't know, Romania took the top spot (mainly courtesy of Iordache), Russia bitterly took the silver medal and Italy managed to squeeze in for bronze. If Great Britain had Beth Tweddle and Hannah/Jennifer hadn't of fallen off beam, we would have placed (for sure!!) 5th was the French team, bad dismount of beam for Youna Dufournet and she also had a nasty gienger scare. Valentine Sabatou also fell straight onto her knees on floor. The home nation, Belgium, took the 6th place. BBC didn't show many of their routines but Grand'ry had a nice bars set. Mys was also pretty faultless on beam & vault. Spain took 7th, Izurieta really didn't look all to great on floor. Paula Vargas was good on floor but that's all we saw of them. Same with 8th placed, Germany, we only saw the beam routine from Kim Bui, where she fell. Now, we take a look at the fashion side from each team.

Photos from senior women's team finals at the 2012 European Gymnastics Championships.

Simple, Nice, GOLDEN! Romania pulled off the casual look very well. The pattern with the colors is really nice and I think they all look great in white (I suppose you've got to if you are a Romanian gymnast.) BRING ON FINALS TODAY!

The 'wrapped for christmas' leotard. I don't like this one, the flag does look like they are a christmas present. Great Britain usually pull out the leotard goods but it didn't too it for me.

That was Youna's bad gienger. I think this is very basic, quite tired and France need a variety of leos but this automatically is in the wardrobe for any meet, so I think it'll be hard to loose.

Russia's Anastasia Sidorova Performs

Lush. Russia really did persuade me. The pattern is NOM, the color is NOM and whole design is NOM. Meet your new 'NOMNOMNOM' leotard.

Does this count as Spanny's 'the pube curls'? ask her! Nice design but I tire of seeing pink, I'm glad the event is over today! (well.....not really.)

my favorite one of the competition. I am beginning to think that Purple is totally my leotard color preference. It looks so snazzy, so hip, YES, italy. 

Tired, Bored, *yawns*

I like this one. Nice to see something fresh from the Spanish camp, not just that ugly, black/silver shitty one.

On BBC1 Red Button at 12:45pm (13th May) is today Junior/Senior apparatus finals from Brussels Expo. Official twitter hashtag; #Brussels2012 Our twitter; @TWGgymblog

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