Saturday, 19 May 2012


I don't know if this is mean't to be part 3 or 4 because I haven't done the one's that got away for such a long time, but to recap, ''the one's that got away'' is a series of where we look back on some of the world's gymnasts that just slid away with no real international elite reckoning, obviously some did but some didn't.


Unfortunately, Stella retired in 2009 which was very sad, as she was a big loss because she brought a big score to the Romanian team on bars, their typically ''weakest'' piece. At the 2008 olympics, she did make all-around and bars finals, but she came 6th in the final. To be honest, Nistor had a very successful gymnastics career.


I haven't seen Irina for 2 years. I am very shocked that she has ''quit'' gymnastics because I thought she was going to be Romania's ''big break'' junior athlete. She made her way onto the International junior stage in 2010, mainly at the Massila meet in France. Since that meet & Bumbo, she hasn't been around a lot. It's a shame really because she was going to be a star.


I'm not sure about her, I think she is still training but Russia have really killed her off. Her senior year was in 2009 and that was the highlight of her whole career, the whole of 2009. She did well at the Europeans in Milan and she also made 2 finals at the World Championships in London. Since 2010, she competed at the 2010 Glasgow Grand Prix but before that meet she was reserve for Russia in Rotterdam and didn't even make the cut for the Europeans. That's the last we've really seen from her. 

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