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Yes, it's monday. Gotta get down on Monday (huh?). Unfortunately, I'm not feeling to great (headache, bad stomach) etc. so I've got the day off but that isn't defeating my Gymnastics love. Over the past couple of days, I haven't really been 100% focused on the blog. It's been very busy and I feel like I'm not putting my all into blogging! But, I've decided enough is enough and I'm focused to give you guys the ultimate gymnastics feed. So who's with me?
Other the coarse of the week, we've seen some big competitions and some big news, so let's highlight some of the happenings in the Gymnastics week.


Yes, this has been a big fortnight for tri meets. Including this one and the Russia-Switzerland-Great Britain and the Romania vs. France and we've also had the Netherlands-Belgium and Sweden meet in Waalwijk. 

Focusing on the GBR-ROU-GER competition, this was held on Saturday in Ulm, Germany. We were expecting big things from the Romanian side and they didn't disappoint. Obviously, for the British side, their 2nd meet in 2 weeks, always going to be tiring but they put up a strong fight against Germany but we always knew Romania were going to be the front runners with 174.25 team total, 12.5 higher than second place Germany. I'm very surprised Germany made 2nd place because they only had 3 all-arounders compared to Great Britain's 5 but Romania also stuck with 3 all-arounders. Germany edged out Great Britain by less than 2 points so it was always going to be a tough battle. 

Moving to the all-around side of it, Romania's star Larisa Iordache won fair and square. She put up a 6.8 D score on beam, with her lowest score being 14.55 on floor giving her an amazing 59.75. Who could follow this performance with 2nd place? Well, 2010 World athlete Kim Bui could. Bui gave her all with only a 5.0 start on vault but made up for it on the bars, with her highest score,  14.65. After the bars, we saw her fall on the beam after a tricky double spin but she pulled back on floor with a 13.7, giving her a 55 total. Iordache's competitor Diana Bulimar was the bronze medalist. She had higher D scores to Kim but the Uneven Bars was always going to be her downside, she scored 12.15 and lost to Bui by 0.25. 

all-around (Top 10);

  1. Larisa Iordache
  2. Kim Bui
  3. Diana Chelaru
  4. Niamh Rippin
  5. Elisabeth Seitz
  6. Jocelyn Hunt
  7. Ruby Harold
  8. Isabelle Marquard
  9. Charlotte Lindsley
  10. Kelly Simm
After, the 10th mark, it was 2-3 apparatus girls then the 1 apparatus girls. 



Also on Saturday, Netherlands and Sweden saw each other in a duo-meet with senior, junior and youth competitions. The contenders were obviously going to be Netherlands, being on home turf but also having higher difficulty in the field and that's what they did. In the junior women's team competition, Netherlands claimed victory against the Swedish side, by a clear 7 point margin. The senior team results don't appear to be here.
In the Senior all-around, it was Netherlands only, Veteran Joy Goedkoop took the title good, consistent scores throughout. First year Lisa Top was the second placed gymnast. 

  1. Joy Goedkoop
  2. Lisa Top
  3. Maartje Ruikes
  4. Melissa Scherpenisse
  5. Lieke Wevers
  6. Wyomi Maesela
  7. Celine Van Gerner
Lieke, Wyomi and Celine didn't compete full all-around but it was good to see Celine back in competition after her injury at Worlds. Celine put up a 6.2 D Score on bars and 14.9, so she is obviously back to good performances.

Moving to the junior and youth side of the meet, we saw some good performances across the board but in the Junior competition it was Netherland's Eythora Thorsdottir. Eythora has always been one of the strongest juniors since 2010. She started 13.50 on vault, then we a D score of 4.5 on bars, she scored in the high 12s. 5.4 was her starter score on beam but she scored 12.5 and rounded off her competition on floor with 13.45. 55.0 was a very impressive score for someone only in the Junior rankings. 1st-2nd-3rd was very tight with only 0.8 separating 1st to 3rd, but it was Dutch Chantysha Netteb that struck silver. 14.3 on vault was the highlight of her day but she was 0.4 out of Thorsdottir's 55.0 but still a very respectable 51.6 from her. It was Dutch 1-2-3 with Jin Yi Hoekstra taking the bronze. Her D scores were significantly lower but she managed 51.2 total. 
Lovisa Esterberg (SWE) took the 4th place, Daphne Slingerland 5th and 6th was Zanna Overbeek. 

The youth competition was 10-12 year olds. Mara Titsorley was the winner with 47.35. 2nd was Helen Houlbraken and the bronze went to Dyonnaliys Supriana.

There is highlights from this meet on youtube.

This meet has given the girls from Netherlands a good experience because the Junior girls are going to the 2012 European Gymnastics Championships. On the roster for the seniors is;

Van Gerner



This event has been very anticipated, it is the Osijek Zito World Cup. I have too say this World Cup has had the most publicity in the whole year. The level of gymnastics didn't disappoint either. We saw many nations battle for individual titles. 
On our facebook page, we have uploaded many pictures of the competition over the weekend so check them out.


We had a strong field for this final, Steingruber and Black with newcomers Grisane, Muelhausser and Rothe.

  1. Ellie Black
  2. Giulia Steingruber
  3. Lais Souza
  4. Tijana Tklacec
  5. Nadia Muelhausser
  6. Valerija Grisane
  7. Mikaela Gerber
  8. Ida Rothe
I'm very happy for Black because she has been so great considering she hasn't been on the senior circuit for 1/2 a year yet and she has won numerous medals over the past 4 months of Senior debut. Steingruber had 2 cracking vaults, a sky high Handspring 1/2 and she even debuted a new 2nd vault, tsuk 1.5. Giulia only lost to Black by about 0.4, so not a big margin. It's also nice to have 2008 Olympian Lais Sousa back.


I'm surprised this final didn't give us the highest level of bar work. We had the big names Lee, Pihan and Millousi but the rest of the field really didn't live up to the standard. Peng Peng Lee was in a class of her own though. Her lines were right on handstand and the form was just excellent. She topped the leaderboard with 14.475. Following that was Pihan who managed a good, clean performance to win her a silver medal with 13.8. 3rd place was the veteran of all World Cup, Jana Sikulova, who scored 13.575.

  1. Christine Lee
  2. Marta Pihan
  3. Jana Siikulova
  4. Silvia Colussi-Pelaez
  5. Vasiliki Millousi
  6. Elisa Hammerle
  7. Jessica Diacci
  8. Valeria Pereyra


          1. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 14.075
          2. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) 13.900
          3. Jessica Diacci (SUI) 13.825
  1. 4. Christine Lee (CAN); Teja Belak (SLO) 13.400
    6. Silvia Colussi Pelaez (ESP) 13.325
    7. Maria Homolova (SVK) 13.000
    8. Tina Erceg (CRO) 11.900

1.Ellie Black5.78.02513.725
2.Giulia Steingruber5.58.22513.725
3.Silvia Colussi-Pelaez5.38.30013.600
4.Christine Lee5.77.67513.375
5.Tina Erceg5.47.9750.113.275
6.Saša Golub5.47.85013.250
7.Elisa Hämmerle5.17.82512.925
8.Nikola Chung4.87.02511.825
(intl gymnast)



May 6th-9th is the Sainsbury's UK School Games. This is a heated and prestigious competition against England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The official start list (roster) for the games has been announced. We are missing the likes of Charlie Fellows (ENG) and Angel Romaeo (WAL) because they'll be out in Brussels for the Jr. Euros but we have others like Ellie Downie (ENG) and Shannon Archer (SCO). is the link too see the gymnasts roster.

Shannon Archer (SCO)



Courtesy of Intlgymnast, we have the Junior and Senior Europeans roster. There are over 250 gymnasts competing at this competition. I have a feeling it's going to be good;

Barbara Gasser
Elisa Hämmerle
Jasmin Mader
Katharina Fa
Julie Croket
Gaelle Mys
Terri Grand'ry
Eline Vandersteen
Lisa Verschueren
Anastasia Marachkovskaya
Olga Mokhovtsova
Alina Sotnikava
Liliya Khoang
Anastasia Yekimenko
Ralitsa Mileva
Valentina Rashkova
Tijana Tkalcec
Tina Erceg
Ema Kajic
Stella Petran
Dina Madir
Kristyna Palesova
Jana Sikulova
Michelle Vitting Lauritsen
Mia Abildgaard Furu
Laerke Sanjana Andersen
Yasmin El-Dabagh
Mathilde Emilie Kirk
Ana Maria Izurieta
Beatriz Cuesta
Maria Paula Vargas
Claudia Menendez
Silvia Colussi-Pelaez
Rosanna Ojala
Ida Laisi
Erika Pakkala
Maija Leinonen
Mira Boumejmajen
Youna Dufournet
Anne Kuhm
Valentine Sabatou
Sophia Serseri
Beth Tweddle
Hannah Whelan
Jennifer Pinches
Danusia Francis
Imogen Cairns
Kim Bui
Oksana Chusovitina
Lisa-Katharina Hill
Nadine Jarosch
Elisabeth Seitz
Vasiliki Millousi
Paschalina Mitrakou
Dimitra Stamatiadou
Myropi Christofilaki
Andriana Syrigou Antoniou
Dorina Boczogo
Tünde Csillag
Dorina Jelencsics
Laura Gombas
Luca Diveky
Emma Lunn
Sophie Mc Coo
Sarah Buckley
Hildur Olafsdottir
Johanna Rakel Jonasdottir
Norma Dogg Robertsdottir
Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir
Tinna Odinsdottir
Valeria Maksyuta
Hadas Koren
Nofar Cohen
Noam Blorian
Ofir Nezer
Vanessa Ferrari
Erika Fasana
Francesca Deagostini
Giorgia Campana
Carlotta Ferlito
Viktorija Grisane
Laura Svilpaite
Ana Koniuchovaite
Mara Kimmel
Aline Bernar
Dorina Velisco
Céline Van Gerner
Wyomi Masela
Lisa Top
Joy Goedkoop
Maartje Ruikes
Nora Munkvold
Haldis Naerum
Silje Kathrine Dahlby
Tina Madeleine Larsen
Marta Pihan-Kulesza
Katarzyna Jurkowska
Monika Frandofert
Joanna Litewka
Zoi Lima
Ana Filipa Martins
Ekaterina Kislinskaya
Alexandra Choon
Rita Limao Oliveira
Sandra Izbasa
Catalina Ponor
Larisa Iordache
Diana Chelaru
Diana Bulimar
Aliya Mustafina
Viktoria Komova
Anastasia Grishina
Ksenia Afanasyeva
Anastasia Sidorova
Adela Sajn
Sasa Golob
Teja Belak
Fiona Novak
Ivana Kamnikar
Giulia Steingruber
Nadia Mülhauser
Jessica Diacci
Sarina Gerber
Caterina Barloggio
Maria Homolova
Jonna Adlerteg
Ida Gustafsson
Veronica Wagner
Ida Rothe
Victoria Genberg
Goksu Uctas
Sema Fidel Aslan
Demet Mutlu
Krystyna Sankova
Maria Livchikova
Yevgenia Cherniy
Alina Fomenko
Natalia Kononenko

Olivia Jochum
Eileen Lamprecht
Jacqueline Schmidt
Jessica Stabinger
Jitske De Herdt
Mathilde Schoonbroodt
Berengere Fransolet
Laura Waem
Ellen Rabaut
Katsiaryna Fiadutsik
Yulia Khramiankova
Dayana Hryhoryeva
Hlafira Kazimirskaya
Anatasia Azarzhytskaya
Ana Derek
Ana Poscic
Elija Valentic
Karmen Koljanin
Petra Furac
Petra Fialova
Roxana Popa
Claudia Colom
Carolina Sanchez
Laura Gamell
Natalia Ros
Julia Jäkälä
Patricia Hämäläinen
Tiia Laisi
Veronika Vuosjoki
Annina Muilu
Clara Chambellant
Claire Martin
Valentine Pikul
Maelys Plessis
Louise Vanhille
Abigail Caig
Gabrielle Jupp
Charlie Fellows
Angel Romaeo
Raer Theaker
Tamara Chachua
Alina Ehret
Nicole Ster
Pauline Schaefer
Sophie Scheder
Nadja Schulze
Evangelia Plyta
Martha Verra
Konstantina Apospori
Maria Simou
Maria Tsantekidou
Noémi Makra
Beata Eke
Boglarka Toth
Aisa Kajouk
Nikolett Karsai
Sarah Beck
Ciara Roberts
Andrea Ros Jonsdottir
Freyja Hunfjord Josepsdottir
Katrin Myrra Thrastardottir
Sigridur Hronn Berthorsdottir
Gudrun Georgsdottir
Elisa Meneghini
Enus Mariani
Lara Mori
Tea Ugrin
Martina Rizzelli
Anastasija Vinnicka
Sabine Gosa
Sabine Kornijanova
Vaida Zitineviciute
Alisa Zujeva
Evelina Obrozcova
Chantysha Netteb
Jin Yi Hoekstra
Sanna Overbeek
Eythora Thorsdottir
Shirley Van Deene
Katarina Nilsen Ronbeck
Sofie Skattun
Bjorg Eli Oymo
Anna Bakken Worpvik
Dina Natalie Nygaard
Maria Rauta
Cristina Tudorache
Alina Stanila
Paula Ciobanu
Silvia Zarzu
Yevgenia Shelgunova
Maria Kharenkova
Yulia Tipayeva
Yekaterina Baturina
Victoria Kuzmina
Sara King
Tamara Mrdjenovic
Anic Ilic
Ilaria Käslin
Laura Schulte
Nicole Hitz
Eliane Schreiber
Conny Giussani
Barbora Mokosova
Ece Ayan
Emma Larsson
Kim Singmuang
Stina Lovisa Estberg
Julia Rumbutis
Kamile Ahsen Goktekin
Olena Vasylieva
Daria Matveyeva
Daria Kloptsova
Anastasia Ilnytska
Yana Fedorova


That's your monday miscellany complete.

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