Sunday, 22 April 2012


Today, we are searching through the fashion timeline to remember some of the loveliest leotards worn by the Chinese gymnasts. Sometimes their leotards can become a bit same-ish and quite plain because we usually associate the Chinese wardrobe to the 2008 Beijing 
''Ling Ning'' creation, which consists of plain red background with like yellow flowers going down. 

I can see where the dainty, beauty of this leotard is coming but too be honest, I'm not buying it. Sui Lu.

I do like this design and the Chinese colors enhance the beauty of it but it really is a copy of the Russian 2010 Worlds Podium Training Leo (search it on youtube). He Kexin.

The ugliest a Chinese leo can get. The peephole just pisses me off and the color just looks wrong, as if the designer doesn't know what red looks like. I'm no fan. Yang Yilin.

This is one of my favorite Chinese leotards ''of the moment''. By implying, ''of the moment'' I mean most of the previous leotards have been around for a long while but this a fairly new design. Cheng works this so well, FAV!;)

pube curls. eurgggh! Yao Jinnan.

and I thought the last picture should be a group demonstration, the troublesome Li Ning in the description;););)


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