Saturday, 28 April 2012


British Gymnastics recently announced their European Junior & Senior team for the Euros in May. I am very confident about our squad this year. I think that the senior field could be stronger (Downie and obviously the exception of Tweddle) but I think we have some gymnasts that could definitely contend for individual event and all-around final places or even medals. 
I'm very excited about seeing the juniors as I think it will be a major step for them for their career being on a big podium in front of 1,000s of people, we have 3 Welsh gymnasts on that squad so we could be in for a treat.


  1. Hannah Whelan (19, City of Liverpool)
  2. Rebecca Tunney (15, City of Liverpool)
  3. Danusia Francis (17, Heathrow Gymnastics)
  4. Jennifer Pinches (17, City of Liverpool)
  5. Imogen Cairns (23, The Academy)

  1. Gabrielle Jupp (14, Sapphire)
  2. Charlie Fellows (15, Sandbach)
  3. Angel Romaeo (14, Welsh Institute of Sport)
  4. Raer Theaker (14, Welsh Institute of Sport)
  5. Georgina Hockenhull (14, Park Wrekin)

we wish the girls the best of luck for training preparation and for the competition.

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