Saturday, 7 April 2012


You were probably thinking I hadn't posted in a while that was because I went to Orlando, FL
for my vacation. Since I've been away, Cottbus, Doha and Jesolo have all been going on. If your a big social fan, then you'll see I posted Jesolo and Cottbus video coverages of youtube courtesy of xoxokiara and piibunina. Later tonight, we have the Regional Championships for the NCAA circuit.

pick your meet, get onto the website, stream for free (legally) & enjoy!

1. Florida
2. Ohio State
3. Penn State
4. North Carolina State
5. Kent State
6. North Carolina
Champaign Regional—4 pm CT
Live Scoring
Link to live video will be posted on day of competition 
1. Oklahoma
2. Stanford
3. Denver
4. Illinois
5. Kentucky
6. Illinois-Chicago
2. Arkansas
3. Boise State
4. Missouri
5. New Hampshire
6. Maryland
1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Arizona
4. Washington
5. Iowa
6. Central Michigan
Salt Lake City Regional6pm MT
Live Video
1. Nebraska
2. Utah
3. Minnesota
4. Iowa State
5. Arizona State
6. San Jose State
1. Georgia
2. Oregon State
3. Auburn
4. Michigan
5. West Virginia
6. Michigan State

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