Monday, 19 March 2012


Sorry to everyone expecting coverage from pacific rim via. TWG. My computer was broken the whole weekend but has finally decided to start working again, stupid I know, but I've still been able to access results, video etc. 

As you may know, this competition was divided by senior & junior in all-around and event finals but they both competed together for team quals/finals. Some major mistakes from countries like Japan, Russia etc. Most teams chose to bring members from B-C teams in their national teams but USA, Australia and more had some of their top athletes.

In this post, we'll be focusing on the juniors.

Junior AA;

The American girls took a clean sweep, 3 girls on the rostrum but who came out on top? That would be WOGA's Katelyn Ohashi. 15.850 was her amazing beam score and she knocked all her other routines out of the park with high 14s. Upcoming star, Lexie Priessman was the silver medal. 15.3 her highest score and the rest low 14s. Hundley finished 3rd, couldn't quite get a 15.

Here's the top 12;

  1. Katelyn Ohashi
  2. Lexie Priessman
  3. Amelia Hundley
  4. Sakura Yamoto
  5. Maria Kharenkova
  6. Ekaterina Baturina
  7. Yuki Uchiyama
  8. Jazminne Casis
  9. Victoria Kayen-Woo
  10. Charlotte Sullivan
  11. Jordyn Pedersen
  12. Anastasia Belova
Event Finals;


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