Friday, 30 December 2011

The Good,The Ugly and The Down Right Awful:Worlds Edition!

I haven't done one of these post's for ages so I thought I'd do a worlds edition for everyone! Worlds brought us color, fierce competition and an upset Komova! Let's take a look at some of them!


To be honest, I'm not a fan! The arm swirls are very creative and look good but the rest of the leotard is just plain red(that's the bit I'm not a fan of) Sponsors, go put your badges somewhere else, I think the symbols ruin all leotards! The leotards are like marketing or advertisement to some companies! 

Sorry, plain doesn't work with us! It's vibrant,colorful or go home! Taking that back, It's a nice shade of blue...Awww! The 'flames' don't do it for me! But, Demmy's face is priceless!

We got vibrant, we got a pattern, we got a FUGLY one! Lucky she was Vietnamese and not one of the big nations as she would have had her spot taken away! Thi should carry on with the vaulting! Fashion and Vault=You can't have everything!

You can freaking kill me but, this one's alright! I mean screw the material but the patterns are pretty nice! And the colors are a DARN cool! When I see Marta I am suddenly drawn to her crazy, 'every other week dyed' hair! It's called the World Championships not a trial to be the next John Freida model! It's super simple, go out there, compete and don't give a care in the world about your stinkin' hair, it's delicious!

Guatemala are a growing Gymnastics nation, so I expected something in this field. Something that has as much pattern as a bacon sarnie but enhances the fact that Guatemala have never competed in a World Championships before. I don't feel so scrooge any more!

Another Dreamlight feat! JLO is the GIRLO with the DREAMLIGHTO! But with her former experiences of these exceptional leos (??) She just has to have them for Venezuela. Otherwise, this leo is OMNOMNOM! The spikes say 'WATCH OUT PEOPLE, JLO IS IN FULL UPGRADE MODE!' Dreamlight obviously get's her where she is now!bwahaha!

Well, that's enough leotard excitement for one day! As Vivienne Westwood (WOOD) say 'I am attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them - they are individual and stylish.'

There you have it you fashionista gymnasts! Be original in your leotard reel, you heard it from a FREAKIN' EPIC designer!

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