Monday, 26 December 2011


I've decided to look back at some of the best routines of this year! Why not start with floor? Head shaking, booty popping seems like a requirement in Gymnastics dance series but aside from that junk...Here are 10 of my favorites this year(no order!)

1. Jordyn Wieber. I just love this exercise from J Wiebs. Her music is so dramatic and it fits so well! She's got some good dancing as well which works really well with the music! Her tumbles make me feel like an absolute fail:/ Double Double, 1 1/2 into Triple! Nelly! I've got WIEBER FEVER! Watch J Wiebs here!

2. Daria Elizarova. 'Who's she?' You may be saying but no one has had an unusual career like Dasha. She was bumped out of the Olympic Team by Liudmilla Grebenkova. Then, she moved to Uzbekistan. History aside, She has beautiful tumbling, perfect straight lines, pointed toes! 2.5 into full, triple then double pike! Much love for the music aswell. Watch Dasha at worlds here (13.666..robbed)

3. JLO! Jessica Lopez is an amazing gymnast! This routine shows enhances all her power with her elegance and beauty! Prior to Worlds, she had upgraded all her routines! She shows a full in back out and whip triple! Her dance is so expressive and explosive! I really want her too compete in another Olympics next year at the London games! With her upgrades, I definitely think that an Olympic AA is on the cards. Watch JLO's Routine here.

4. Diana Chelaru. The cheerful Romanian showed off her new floor routine at Worlds which I fell in love with! It's just like her old music in places but I adore it much more...We needed a new Chelaru! We see all the same tumbling passes as she did in 2010! The thing that I love about this routine is that she doesn't take it too seriously! She goes out there and enjoys dancing with the music! Watch Didi here.

5. Catalina Ponor. Comeback Queen of 2011..! The dancing is very good, she's got expression and uses it pretty well but the thing that annoys me is that her form in the tumbles is AWFUL! She has the very hard runs, she just needs to focus on the form and she will be in the floor final at London. Watch Cata here.

6. Alexandra Raisman. As if Marta gives a damn about expressive choreo! I love her dancing numbers but I wish that she would give a tad more expression but Marta says 'NO!'. Her tumbling passes really speak for themselves..double arabian PUNCH FRONT! In my opinion, she has all the potential to make an All-around and Floor final at next years Olympics. Watch Aly here.

7. Hannah Whelan. There's not a lot stopping Hannah make a splash on the World scene. Over the past 2 years, she has done amazingly well in International event and has improved drastically in her World AA rankings! Her tumbling is definitely consistent, whip triple & 1.5 into 2.5! Training with Tweds has definitely given her the edge to compete at her best and I think an Olympic AA final will be given too her! Watch Hannah here.

8. McKayla Maroney. Kayla has burst onto the scene and she's nearly seen it all! She has quite a lot of expression in her dance! The tumbling is the highlight for me though! 3.5 is INSANE! But, SERIOUSLY! That 3rd pass isn't doing her alot of favors! It's an on and off IF-y pass which could lose her 0.3-0.5 points...NOT WORTH IT! The music is nom as well!


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