Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Well! The DTB Cup roster in Germany has been completed! Interesting but confusing! There are 7 all-arounders and others teams! Confusing, right? Anyway, the highlight of this meet already is the RETURN OF MUSTY! She is on the Russian start list and ready for action. She is on the team roster, so won't be all-arounding. 

Here are the all-arounders:

  1. Kseniia Afanaseva
  2. Huang Qiushuang
  3. Nadine Jarosch
  4. Lauren Mitchell
  5. Elisabeth Seitz
  6. Giulia Quarries??
  7. Celine Van Gerner
Interesting! China haven't sent a team for the Team Competition but are relying on Qiushuang to get the medals. Statistically, Germany are most likely to win the all-around because they have 2 strong shots at a medal but it's anyone's game! I haven't a clue who Giulia Quarries is??? It just came up! It isn't Steiny?

Team's in a min!:)

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