Friday, 7 October 2011

Worlds Updates!

I think, today, is the last day of podium training? It's day 4 anyway. Here is some of the over-night news.

Mariya Livchikova Hurt?

This first year senior powerhouse Mariya Livchikova is sporting a taped up ankle but was found huddle on the bench next to Anastasiia Koval, The alternate.

Hope this isn't the end of the line, as she recently injured her ankle at the Stella Zakharova Cup.

Reserve Huang Qiushuang is now stepping in for Wu Liufang

The Chinese have decided on this switch for tactical reasons, as they really need Huang’s DTY to vie for the gold here in Tokyo.  They have decided their line-up on vault is insufficient.  This decision is not set in stone, according to the news source, but for now Huang is officially a member.

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