Sunday, 2 October 2011

Worlds Finals Coverage!

BBC are broadcasting the worlds finals from the 11th to the 16th, so I will have coverage of it. If your confused, hold on!

I will be posting all the action that's happening from the coverage on facebook.
So, You will need to have facebook to hear all the action. Secondly, all the coverage will be written on the World Gymnast News page (Ksenia Semenova), so you'll need to like it too see what's going on.

Here is the schedule;

Tuesday- It's ladies night. The Top 8 Women teams battle it out to see who will be crowned wordl team champions. Look out for high-flyers America and last years winner's Russia.
Coverage begins at 7 o'clock British time.

Wednesday- The guys show how it's done with their top 8 also fighting it out for the world team champions title. It's a 6 o'clock start

Thursday- All-around for girls. Unfortunately, I can't follow this one but it start's at 6.

Friday- I can follow this one. It's the exciting Men's AA competition. Johnathan Horton, Kohei Uchimura etc. all likely to be in this one. 7 o'clock start.

Saturday- The events. VT and UB for WAG and FX, PH and SR for MAG. Half past one is the start of this one

Sunday- The other events. 2 o'clock is the time


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