Sunday, 11 September 2011


Many of you, know that Germany, Romania and Switzerland went head to head in prep for the Tokyo worlds. I didn't give you any videos so I thought I would give you some of the coverage!

Would you ever see the day? Sandra Izbasa is back on bars. She found her feet at this meet and managed to pull out an 'average' performance. Has she regained AA ground?

13.2 (5.4)

Newly crowned Senior Diana Bulimar is here on bars. She had her moments but a great dismount to finish!! Hai Didi!

13.8 (5.7)

German Eli Seitz. She didn't fail with difficulty. Her full shapo and def all included in this routine giving her a 14.850 from 16.7 start.

Finally, Cata Ponor is here on floor. An excellent routine gave only 1.30 points away! Amazingly flighted tumbling but slight messy!


Video uploader Carolowa hasn't uploaded any more put keep looking anyway!

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